Juno has lymphoma.


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She is still doing really well :) Weight gain was not happening for a while, but now all of a sudden she's put on 5 pounds, so just a couple more pounds to go and she'll be back to her normal weight!

But otherwise there's no hint of her being sick, and she's tolerating the chemo very well. She goes into the vet office tail wagging and excited to see everyone, and we go home and she's ready to play lol.


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Thanks for checking in! I just don't remember to log on here often :(

Juno overall has been doing fantastic. Back to her normal weight, eating fine and feeling fine.

Unfortunately the reason I thought about this forum today is because we have hit a bump in the road. She is having symptoms very similar to when she was first diagnosed. Drinking a lot for about a week, but she did just have a UTI about 3 weeks ago so I thought maybe that just hadn't fully resolved and I kept meaning to bring a urine sample back in to recheck. Then today she completely refused food and has a very minimal amount of energy. She hasn't had any issues like this at all since starting chemo, so naturally I'm really concerned about what this might mean. Her lymph nodes to me still feel normal. She is due to have her weekly CBC checked tomorrow but I am going to do a full blood panel to check for any other changes, and her weekly appt with the oncologist is in 3 days.

She only has 4 more weeks until she is totally done with chemo and I just hope this isn't a setback. :(


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Oh No! I hope it's not a setback. I am sending lots of positive healing vibes your way. ------->>>>>>>


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Fingers crossed that it's only a little bump in the road , keep us posted
Sending healthy <<<vibes >>> your way !!


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Thanks guys. Hopefully I have answers after her appt tomorrow and hopefully they are not the bad answers I don't want to hear.

Her lab work is a little weird. She has glucose in her urine, which normally you would then expect to see a high blood glucose level... but her blood glucose is on the low end of normal (which is typical for her). Because chemo just destroys all sorts of cells, normally she has a low white blood cell count. Today, her WBC count is technically in the normal range, but it is 3x higher than where she's been the past 3 months. So she's trying to fight... something. I didn't do a huge blood panel on her, but what I did check, everything else was normal. Which is good?

She's still not eating and is very lethargic and prefers to just not move. We went to bed last night, she sleeps on the floor next to me. This morning when I got up for work she looked at me, but never got up. She didn't go outside to go potty. When I came home for lunch 6 hours later, she still hadn't moved from that spot. I'm not sure if she's just weak or if she's painful.

She is not vomiting but today when she has asked to go outside, she is out there a looooong time eating grass.

I can sort of make a reasonable case in my head that this could be a severe case of pancreatitis. It's about all I can think of where the glucose in her urine would also fit. The vet I work with is stumped, but she did not think her lab work looked typical of what she'd expect to see if she was coming out of remission. But I'm not sure if she really feels that way or if she just doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news and just wants the oncologist to deal with it.

Sorry for the length, sometimes it's nice to just babble. I'll try to update tomorrow.