Juno has lymphoma.

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I haven't been here in a while but just got caught up on this thread, sorry to here the cancer is back but glad that Juno is doing well on her new meds! Hope it continues!! applauseiconapplauseiconapplauseiconapplauseicon


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Sad news sadicon

Juno began acting sick again the beginning of the week. She finished her prednisone 1 week ago (she was on a tapering dose of pred for about 5 weeks, while the chemo was given every 3 weeks), and when I gave her that last dose I had a gut feeling that having her off prednisone was going to lead to a decline. My feeling was right.

She had an ultrasound today, her lymph nodes are even larger than they were 1 month ago. She's not responding to the chemo; it was really only the prednisone keeping things manageable.

Back on prednisone she goes. Trying another rescue protocol with a different chemo drug because I just can't not try every viable option. But I don't know how long we can keep this up. It's only been 5 months since she was diagnosed.

Thanks for being on this rollercoaster with me....

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sadicon I'm so sorry to hear. I hope the new chemo drug works better than the last. (((Healing vibes))) to Juno and hugs to both of you.


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I am sorry that you got such bad news! I sincerely hope that you find a chemo drug that will work.
Sending more positive vibes your way!


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I've been away from BW for quite a while and just caught this. I'm so sorry Juno is not getting better. Sending prayers and vibes that the new treatment works.


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Oh no I sorry to hear that !!
Fingers crossed that the new meds will work .. Sending positive healthy <<<vibes>>> your way ..