Juno has lymphoma.


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Sorry to hear about Juno. I lost a 6yr old boxer to cancer. Next time I think I'll try the tagamet/benadryl treatment.
Positives vibes heading you're way. Get better Juno!!


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Thanks so much everyone!

We were able to start chemo today. She has a few factors working against her - boxers tend to get t-cell lymphoma which is less responsive than b-cell, and add on top of that fact that she is also feeling sick and showing visible signs of disease, which is another factor that can indicate less response to therapy. But I can't just not try. So I am opting to do the UW Madison protocol which is supposed to be the "gold standard."

I don't know how quickly I should have expected to see any response from the first treatment, but.... within 6 hours of receiving chemo my dog was EATING. And eating regular kibble even, not even having to be tempted by all sorts of stinky novel foods. She ate more food just this evening than she has eaten in the whole past week combined. And didn't vomit it back up, which is nice :)

I know the odds are stacked against her and I am keeping my expectations realistic, but I'm still hopeful. She's always been strong and stubborn.


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Wow !!!! This sounded promising .. That was a major step after only one treatment ..
Sending lots of positive <<<vibes >>> your way .


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That is very promising news. I am sending lots of positive vibes your way!

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YAY!!!!! I am so glad to hear Juno ate. This is a step in the right direction with many many more to come!