Juno has lymphoma.


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I am so sorry you did not get good news. I hope you find something to manage her illness and you get many happy days with Juno.

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frownicon Not hew news we were all hoping for. Juno's a fighter. Hopefully the new meds will get you many more days with her!!


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Thanks for the support everyone!

Juno has thankfully been doing really well since getting the different meds on board. We are doing prednisone + a different oral chemo, I am not sure what to expect from it since we only got 3 months while on the "gold standard" treatment... but, they did get me enough medication to get through 15 weeks, so here's hoping we need it all. :)

It's a Rollercoaster but I'm so glad she responds well and bounces back so quickly when we introduce medications. She is back to reminding me when it's time to eat lol.


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I am glad that she is doing well on her new medications. Stay positive! smileicon


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Well that's better news , I'm so glad she is responding well !!
Keep fighting the fight Juno !!


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Thanks everyone!

I'll update if there are any changes but at the moment she's a happy, wiggly, hungry boxer :) Today is national canine lymphoma awareness day, so to celebrate the victory of the hurdles she's been over, what better treat than ice cream :)