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from what i read it sounds like boxers are almost human(lol). the house i live in right now we have 3 boxers Jethro-3 yrs old Daisy-1.5 yrs old and my beautiful pup Cierra- 7 months old and they all do just about the same thing when we come home or if they are in the playin mood. i got one question what is the "kidney beaning"? im lost on that.


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b*itch eyes!

Cassie has all the boxer common traits, along with one trait she's recently begun exhibiting: Whenever one of us humans talk about something bad Cassie's done (like jumping on the counter or dragging one of us after a cat), she look at us like "How dare you talk about me like that!" and continue to stare at us with the b*itchiest look I have ever seen! She's a joy to have, but if looks could kill, there would be four dead adults in the house!

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"How about if you sit on a bed/sofa. Boxer (in Kidney Bean Mode) jumps onto your back arms around your neck (piggy back style) and starts to nibble your ears!!"

Travis does this too - and if you happen to laugh because it is the silliest thing(and it tickles) then LOOK OUT. Then you are just asking for more nibbles and kisses and slobbers. I have laughed a few times and get laughing so hard I can't stop - all the while making Travis more excited. I have to call for help through my laughter.
Aren't Boxers the BEST!


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Re: common traits

Originally posted by MB
My 2 boxers have most of the common traits already listed, except they won't lay on their back because it makes them sneeze! What about compulsive lickers?
They do this thing where they wrestle eachother with their faces, is that normal?

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YES... totally mine do the exact same thing... only he is the only boxer and has taught all the other dogs this trick..... such a goofball!

Farley- 5/7/98--- white masked face, cropped tail, natural ears.... my BABY !!!


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My 1yr Boxer does all of that! He also licks, licks, licks! When he gets excited he wags his tail and always has to grab a toy. He grunts, snores, and loves to take the stuffing out of all his toys. You gotta love them!


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One of my least favorite traits is the white foam that collects at the corners of their cheeks. When Maggie gets really excited and is panting alot the foam starts comming out and she loves to come and swipe it on you, especially when we have guests over (they usually are dressed nice too) Then she will shake her head and it will fling up and stick to the walls! All our walls have slober and eye goobers dried on, I seemed to forget they are their untill I'm on the floor with the dogs and see they are on everything!
Only a boxer mom would love them anyway!


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Common Traits

I have only had my boxer puppy since Novemeber, she is now 4 months old. She is a character, she loves to use her paws like a human, lay on her back, chase her tail and she just loves to be around us. She is a great addition to our family!!


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common traits

Hi Everyone,
Have been super busy and haven't had a chance to write, missed you all.
My little Solomon is a flashy brindle male 1 1/2 yr old. His nickname is vertical leap dog. I'm not lying he can vertical leap 4 foot. It is a scream. He started it on his own and we turned it into a command instead of trying to break him of it. We tell him leap Solly leap and away he goes. I have never seen a dog so full of joy. I think boxers have a language of snorting and blowing that has meaning to each other. I never really noticed it when we just had one but I do now that we have 3. Anyone have a comment on this trait. My other boxer Stoney is the master of sighing.



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thinks she's human!

miss daisy is the biggest dork ever. she doesn't have most of the really bad boxer traits (like bad gas), but she is a guilt tripper par extraordinaire! she also likes to sigh when bored or annoyed. and she has a horrible habit (very cute) of sneaking onto any padded surface rather than use the hardwood floors in out house. we've caught her sneaking into our bed (very slowly, freezing when she thinks you've seen her) and sitting on our bigger dog when she can't find any cloth to pull down to sleep on. and when she gets up and wants to go out and you won't get out of bed to do it, she paws at your arms until you let her out. one last thing: freaks out and seems to hallucinate every once in a while, usually over reflected light or sudden noises.


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MB spot on !!

MB's story about eye gobbers and slobber, how true, You really dont notice it until you get down to doggy level, :eek: and there it lurks, When my sister comes to stay, rather posh, pleated skirts and twin set, Ginty insists on either rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, on her pale pleated skirts, or cleaning her mouth on her skirt after eating, her dinner, evilicon but the worst is lying at her feet, gassing her, We just love lovicon her to bits, eye gobbers , slobber, pongy smells , dragging her food across the carpet, everything about is appealing to us but appalling to my sister.
bye Pammyjean and Ginty sleepicon birthdayic 2/2/01 ginty will be seven