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I was just wondering if lying on their backs, chasing thier tails, and chasing flies, are all common traits of Boxers? Also what are some other common traits? Hoss and Lady have been my first set of "kids". Just curious!
Lady 1/1/91 Fawn/black mask/cropped
Hoss 1/1/91-8/13/00 cancer "waiting at The Bridge


My female, gone to the bridge at 12 1/2 never, NEVER laid on her back. She was hyper and very dominant - I think she didn't want anyone to think she was ever that relaxed.LOL
But my male lays like that most of the time - just oblivious to the world.


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Cute topic!! Okay, here goes...Cooper is our third boxer ever, the common traits that I've seen are:

*laying on back, feet up, not a care!
*GAS :)
*Kidney Beans
*Boxer Woo Woo Song
*Catching flys
*Using paws in cat like movements
*Zipping around the backyard for no apparent reason. We always say it looks like Cooper thinks the Devil is chasing him!
*Lay their head on you like it is too heavy to hold up!

Cooper, 5-11-99
Red fawn, neutered male, floppy and docked
Mugzy, fawn, neutered male, cropped and docked rainbow bridge Sept. 98


Harley has all of the same traits as Robyn's Cooper. A couple more traits that I think are pretty common to the boxer breed are snoring and snorting. Aren't are babies wonderful?! :)

Boxer Baby: Harley - born 12/27/98 - adopted 1/14/2000 - docked tail/natural ears/neutered - full of pee & vinegar!


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I think boxers are the best at giving the guilt trip!! Even better then my Mother!!
Also they think humans are their own personal
I just wanna mush um!!


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Maggie has all the traits listed for Copper, minus the gas and the kidney beaning. Lucky for me.

Maggie - flashy fawn, born 4/2000, natural ears, part human.


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All of my boxers have had the same traits as Cooper, too. Plus, Indy has the "jackhammer" trait-bouncing at me with his two front paws until I move a part of my body so he can attack! My two also have the boxer trait of sleeping on the furniture/bed and being covered by an old blanket head to toe...

Indy-Neutered, Natural, Fawn, Flashy-10/6/98
Beauty-Spayed,Cropped, Fawn, Black Mask-9/20/94; Adopted from rescue in New Orleans
Shiloh-10/18/85 to 10/14/98; Waiting for me at the Bridge


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Same as Cooper, but add to that lying on his front like a frog, ie, with his back legs out flat behind him. Also, in this position he drags himself across the carpet, pulling himself along with his front legs. Big sighs is another trait.

- oh, and not liking to swim, he'll go in as far as he can stand, but WILL NOT swim.

Helen and Mark
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Did anybody mention drooling and jumping straight up in the air? And being early risers (Ugh)? How about gorgeous, spoiled, lovable, and irresistable? How about wouldn't trade them for a million? :)

Emma - black-masked brindle girl, 04-03-00


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All of the above!!!!! :D

Markus, dark brindle
neutered male, 6 yrs old