You Were A Little Girl In The 70's If.....

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My name actually came from the 60's Beach Boys song: Barbara Ann :) I'm a/k/a Barb, Barbie or Barbara



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I was named for the movie "Love Story".. If I woulda been a boy, I woulda been Oliver... I was allegedly concieved at the drive-in while that movie was on:rolleyes:

Jennifer, but not Jenny!!!


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Here are a few more things I remember...I was born in 1973.

- i couldn't wait to get a pair of clogs
- in almost every childhood picture I'm wearing something plaid, and it's usually a geranimal outfit
-playing Pong
-my parent's collection of 8-tracks, and our stereo(HiFi) was actually a piece of furniture the size of a couch
-seeing Jaws with my parents at a very tender age, and having never been able to swim in the ocean since
-one thing my friends and I talk about was how we never really watched television - a 1/2 hr. of cartoons after school, and on Saturday mornings. And PBS. Of couse, we didn't have cable, and sitcoms just weren't for kids back then.
-the principal having a paddle...and you prayed that you were never in trouble because he would use it...with your parents blessing, and also it would be on your "permanent record"
Do schools even use discipline anymore?
-my mother drove a Vega, and my father a Pinto
-the candy Pop Rocks
-getting our first VCR - and glad it wasn't a Beta because then you didn't have such a large video selection - and making my parents rent Grease so many times they bought it. Of course, at the time I didn't catch any of all those sexual innuendos, so it's very funny to watch now.
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:) I know this is an old thread but i thought it was funny and cute.. a lot applies to me lol. I was born in 86...but I had my little ponies, strawberry shortcake stuff, the roller skates you attach to your shoes lol I also had the big wheel lol. And I totally love the movie grease

I had (still have somehwere) He-Man and Shera toys too lol


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This is funny! I was a 70's girl and I remember all these things!! How about "flatsie dolls" you could dress them up & they were like a half inch thick? Or "Baby Tender Love", a doll that was supposed to feel like a real baby? I remember Chrissie with the growing hair too!


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The electric company--that was a good one. i tried to explain it to someone the other day. they had NO idea.

the chrissie doll--classic.

what about the lynda carter wonderwoman doll? i wanted to be wonderwoman and the bionic woman occasionally.

and you are right, you made me remember that i wanted to marry luke duke or was it bo?



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Does anyone remember stretch gordon?? and actually breaking him open to see what really was inside???


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I was late in the 70's (76) but a lot of that is still good for we 80s girls too! Maybe more for me as I have an older sister - I was advanced for my age!

That's how I knew that my date with the 22-year-old last month was a failure...the cover band at the bar was playing "Jesse's Girl" and I was rocking out, then asked if he knew who sang it. How could he not even know who my darling Rick Springfield is!!

Let's not forget those feather roach clip things in the hair, and blue mascara, and John Stamos! And leg warmers.


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OMG.....that was crazy!!

Lets see....I had a Shaun Cassidy long sleeved tee shirt, and I thought Gopher was a cutie!!!
I had Strawberry Shortcake dolls that were scented. Had an Easy Bake Oven, Simon Game, and the Snoopy Snow Cone Machine.
I had clogs, feathered hair with the comb in the back pocket. And I loved Rick Springfield!!!!

The most important trait of being a little girl in the 70's is......I was old enough by that point (early 80's) to remember the 5 original V-Jays on MTV!!!!
Does anyone else?????
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