You Were A Little Girl In The 70's If.....

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that was the best laugh I had all day.:LOL: I had a pixie cut and I hated it. now when you say pixie cut no one knows what you are talking about. plus everything else you said.


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Wow, how funny! The rainbow shirt...... boy i really thought I was so cool........ I thought I was even cooler when I had my Coke shoes on. I was bummed, my friend had the Pepsi ones.....That was the ones that I wanted but I had to settle for the Coke ones!!!!!
How fast does time go???????????


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myrocky said:
Hey now, a good deal of those things apply to being a child of the 80s as well :D Although I had a Pink Panther sleeping bag :LOL:
See I think those of us BORN in the 70's can relate to like half of that :) now I'm going to have to do a little girl in the 80's :)

Here's the link to the 80's thread:
80's thread
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Oh Boy, I am a 70's girl! I also remember being mesmorized by Rex Smith in the movie "sooner or later". Of course there was also Eric Estrada from CHIP's. I had to have the Snoopy electric toothbrush with the doghouse for Christmas. Of course we can't all forget watching the original episodes of Gilligans Island right after school! Don't you all have at least one or two volumes of Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew kicking around still? I am hoping to find a copy of Judy Bloom's - Are you there God it's me Margaret? to use in place of the "talk" about reproduction with my 9 year old daughter. I loved the 70's!
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