You Were A Little Girl In The 70's If.....

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you wore that rainbow shirt that was half-sleeves, and the rainbow went up one sleeve, across your chest, and down the other.

you made baby chocolate cakes in your Easy Bake Oven.

You washed them down with snow cones from your Snoopy Snow Cone Machine.

you had that Fisher Price Doctor's Kit with a stethoscope that actually worked.

you owned a bicycle with a banana seat and a basket.

you even owned roller skates with metal wheels.

you thought Gopher from Love Boat was cute.(Admit it!)

you had nightmares after watching Fantasy Island.

you had rubber boots for rainy/snowy days - remember Moon Boots (you then advanced to Duck Shoes in the 80s)?

you had either a "bowl cut" or a "pixie", not to mention the "Dorothy Hamill" because your mom was sick of braiding your hair. How traumatic when people thought you were a boy.

your Holly Hobbie sleeping bag was your most prized possession.

you wore a poncho, gauchos, and knickers.

you begged Santa for the electronic game, Simon.

you had the Donnie and Marie dolls with those pink and purple shredded outfits.

you spent hours out back on your metal swing set with the trapeze.

you had homemade ribbon barrettes in every imaginable color.

you even had a pair of Doctor Scholl's sandals (the ones with hard sole & the buckle).

you wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder really bad; you wore that Little House on the Prairie-inspired plaid, ruffle shirt with the high neck in at least one school picture; and you despised Nellie Olson!

you wanted your first kiss to be at the roller rink.

your hairstyle was described as having "wings" and you kept it "pretty" with the comb you kept in your back pocket.

you know who Strawberry Shortcake is, as well as her friends,Blueberry Muffin and Huckleberry Pie.

you carried a Muppets lunch box to school.

you and your girlfriends would fight over which of the Dukes of Hazzard was your boyfriend.

every now and then "It's A Hard Knock Life" from the movie, "Annie" will pop into your brain and you can't stop singing it the whole day.

YOU had Star Wars action figures, too.

It was a big event in your household each year when the"Wizard of Oz" would come on TV. Your mom would break out the popcorn and sleeping bags!

you even asked your Magic-8 Ball the question: "Who will I marry...Shawn Cassidy, Leif Garrett, or Rick Springfield?"

you completely wore out your Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Fame soundtrack albums.

you tried to do lots of arts and crafts things, like yarn and Popsicle stick God's Eyes or those weird potholders made on a plastic loom.

you made Shrinky-Dinks!

you used to tape record songs off the radio by holding your portable tape recorder up to the speaker.

you couldn't wait to get the free animal poster that came when you ordered books from the Weekly Reader book club.

you learned everything you needed to know about girl issues from Judy Blume books (Are you there God? It's me, Margaret.)

you thought Olivia Newton John's song, "Physical" was about aerobics.

you wore friendship pins on your tennis shoes, or shoelaces with heart or rainbow designs.

you wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer.

you had a Big Wheel with a brake on the side, and a Sit-n-Spin.

you had subscriptions to Dynamite and Tiger Beat.

Have a good day:D



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Wow! That was great!! A flash back in time!!!

What about
You wore terry cloth shorts and halter tops and thought you were so cool!


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Jenn thanks for the memories....OMG it was so long ago until you read that, and now everything is flying back to me

And yes Gopher was a hottie !!!

Life size poster of Leif Garrett on the back of my door !!!!

And the Judy Blume books...had every single one...friends used to beg me to let them read them, most parents wouldn't let there kids read them...compared to the stuff out there today...Where is Judy Blume now ????

Thanks for the memories again...



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That's a good memory mom knitted me a poncho and I had the Dorthy Hamill cut..too funny.:)...and does anyone remember the singing group...The Defrancos?.... I was in love with Donny Osmond....and they called it puppyyyy loooooveeee. :LOL:

Barb :)


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puppy love

I played that 45 (its a record younguns:D ) on my "little" "portable" record player over and over.. remember when the needle skipped and you had to rig up counterweight to get the record to play 5 more times.. I also had the Osmonds cut out books where you cut out the clothes and put them on cardboard dolls...


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Holy cow! Each and every one is true... gosh, I feel old!

I LOVED my metal roller skates - I used to wear the key around my neck! Remember how you had to use the key to tighten them onto your shoes?? :D Parents always knew where their kids were as you could hear those wheels for miles... :LOL:

- Gloria


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This is so funny!!
How about "pullazo pants"!?
does anyone remember "Dawn Dolls"? They were similar to Barbies but a bit smaller..
How about "Buffalo sandels?"
Earth shoes?
Pooka beads?
How about the "Chrisie Doll? " Her head had hair that "grew" when you puched in her belly botton.......

thanks for the laugh, Guys:D


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Hey now, a good deal of those things apply to being a child of the 80s as well :D Although I had a Pink Panther sleeping bag :LOL:


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Originally posted by cashisking
you had either a "bowl cut" or a "pixie", not to mention the "Dorothy Hamill" because your mom was sick of braiding your hair. How traumatic when people thought you were a boy.
I was at the humane society picking out a cat, and a lady behind me kept saying "Excuse me, little boy" trying to get my attention. My father thought this was hilarious. I still talk about my Dorothy Hamill hair cut. My grandmother talked her hairdresser into doing it...I was supposed to just get a trim.

Do you remember making sure you were home to watch "The Muppet Show", and watching the Muppet movies? And did anyone else collect and trade stickers, and have a ton of sticker books?

And one other thing...remember watching the Electric Company "HEY...ALL YOU GUYS!!!"?
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