Please Help! The humane Society put my Friends Boxer down!!!!

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I am in process of joining **************** now. This is just so sad and I wanted to express again that you are in the thoughts and prayers of us all. Stay strong and don't quit fighting till that woman is not allowed to even look at a dog again.


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I am just so sorry to hear about this and the pod cast just blew me away. I have no clue how you just didn't come over the counter and rip her apart?! I know I would be in jail today calling Gloria Allred!! I am just sick about how non caring and without feelings for another person or animal people in this position can be. Sure they only see one side of it but My Gosh Man, don't they know this would be someones pet or loved one? He had a collar, looked healthy, was clean and groomed, I'm sure he didn't look like a stray ( come on people we all know a stray from a dog that has a home) He was just a year old, there is no way he was aggressive or mean. ( again hello he is a boxer, they are so full of love) We are behind you all the way and support your cause. Lets make this right and make changes so dogs and Boxers wont have to go through this!!!


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I have been following your story and am just completely at a loss for words. I can not even imagine what you are going through. Even though nothing can replace Boost, I hope that you get justice. I could not believe the things that were said by her in the new paper interviews. Your broadcast was great and plan on joining the group when I get home!

Keep us updated!!!!



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Marcus, Just wanted to let you know im still thinking about you and Boost and continue to wish you nothing but good on this atrocity that was commited to your precious boy. Again if I was closer I would stand shoulder to shoulder with you whether it be outside or inside a courtroom, picketing the shelter, or just for a good cry but know im with you in spirit. michele

R.I.P Boost angelicon



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That really sucks. I thought that they had to place them on hold for so many days. I hope that at least maybe someone there took him and he is all right. I am so sorry.


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Thank you again for everyone on boxerworld! Y'all have been great! I really appreciate all the support! Here is an update... The local paper(daily mountain eagle) is doing another story this Sunday! They have interviewed the elderly couple. So now we will know there side to the story!it will be posted on there website as well for anyone who would like to read it. And find out what happened. We have also been in contact with the today show. We are supposed to hear from them monday. I would like to encourage anyone that will to call them and showthat you support this and tell them about it. There number Is 212-664-4602. We think that the more people who call they are more likely to put this on nationally. We are trying so hard to make changes to this place with the facilities and personel! I can't thank y'all enough for all the support, help , and kind words! Y'all are truly amazing and caring people, and it shows! Thank you, Marcus and Boost


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This is just awful. :( I am sorry for your loss. If what they say is true, then I see why they did it (no room), but I dont buy it one bit. This woman has been rumored not to like bulldog-type dogs... Dont remember the exact wording, but that was the gist. I think that is the true motivation for her making the decision to euth (assuming that is true too).

Wanted to let you know that I am working my media connections in Columbus, Ohio. I've gotten them all to join your group. The ppl I know are designers, not writers, but they LOVE their dogs... esp "bulldog-types" as they have 2 pit mixes. Hopefully, we will be able to get it published here, too!


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Just reading this whole story I am at a loss of words such a horrible story I know you can never bring Boost back and I am truly sorry but hopefully this will NEVER be able to happen again I can't believe that they put that many dogs down with all the rescues around now living in Canada and being involved with rescue I know that there are transports going on daily with dogs coming up from the states mix breeds and purebreds to find available space to keep them so they are not euthanized and can find space in a shelter up here or a foster home


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Just checking in. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the podcast, but I promise I will and will join BF also.
I will also be calling the number you gave in your last post. I think this should be a national story.
Keeping your both in my thoughts and prayers.


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I just read this post. I am so sorry this happened to your baby. If this happened to one of my babies I don't know what I would do. I would probably end up in jail and I work for law enforcement...Hugs Linda
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