What is your Boxers most annoying habit?

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Boxer Insane
If you all didnt hit one on the head for me!!!!!!!

Nikki: pushing things under the sofa/coffee table/end table, sitting in my spot when I get up, trying to squeak by without getting her puds wiped when it is wet outside (she hates her puddies touched).

Emma: barking and yapping when "someone" else has chewed a rawhide to perfection and she wants it, trying to sit in my lap when I drive, trying to scmooze a lick of what ever I am drinking, trying to squeeze throught the arm chair hole when I work from home.

Spencer: endlessly licking my legs when I put lotion on, sleeping on my feet (I can hardly walk in the morning), whining at the back door five minutes after I let him out. Door scratching, FOLLOWING EVERYONE TO THE PANTRY!!!!!!

AGH! Gotta love them!


Boxer Buddy
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Kim Y

Super Boxer
40-Pound Furry Turban

At the moment, Oscar's most annoying habit is doing his impression of a living turban. Whenever my hubby or I lay down on the sofa to watch TV, snooze a bit, etc, Oscar (since he was very small) likes to lay on our heads! This was very cute when he was little but since he's hovering at the 40-pound mark--IT'S NOT FUNNY ANYMORE!! :eek: Not only is he determined about it---he's compulsive! "I must lay on de head...must....must....mmmmmm.....spaghetti hair....delicious.....mmmmmmm.....mommy I lub you....(huge paw strategically placed on my nose).....mmmmmm.....(buck snort in ear).....ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.....look at me--I can curl up small enough to fit on ze human's head.......don't try this at home leetle furbabies, I, Oscar, am a professional......

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL:

Kazz's Boxers

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kim y

:LOL: that is to funny heheheheheheh! i understand what you mean break him now of that, or you will have a 60-70lb problem. heheheheheeheh, i love the way you made him speak like that, and the snout in the ear, to funny :LOL:



Boxer Pal
where do i start?

Hannah just turned 5 months and is a handful. I was starting to think that only she has annoying habits. Her worst ones are hogging the bed when I let her sleep with me and laying her head on my neck when I sleep. She has to me pressed as close to me as she can get. She loves to attack feet, barefoot, with socks, sitting or walking, it doesn't matter. If they're there she's got to have them. The habit that bothers Kevin the most is not listening to him if I'm home. She has to be right with me when I'm home, she even tries to climb on my lap in the bathroom. (Worse than a kid)She's definatly a momma's girl. And the farting, it's gross and non-stop and she thinks it's the greatest when she does it. As crazy as she acts when she's doing her "wild indian" routine (running circles through the house, bouning off furniture) I wouldn't trade my baby girl for anything.


Boxer Buddy
Boy! Oh! Boy! I can relate!!

Here goes:

We will start with little Bo-man! He is as cute as a button but the devil in disquise evilicon ! He is always jumping up, worse than Sugar! And he whines like a spoiled brat (which he is - thanks to me)! He weighs only 20 pounds but he thinks that in the car he should sit on my shoulder! And the last thing is that he thinks Kevin's grandmother's birds are his play toys, he crouches down and BOOM attacks the cage! R-O-T-T-E-N !!! :LOL:

Now on to Miss Sugar!! She is pretty good! We have carpet and she never seems to be able to eat over her bowl. There are always little pieces of kibble around her bowl. She loves to jump on you when you have shorts on! (SCRATCHES--OUCH!!!!) We are working on that! And the last, she waits until we are all in the car and decides to let the biggest, smelliest, grossest FART out!!! Kevin and I both roll the windows down and hang out the window!! :LOL:

I love both of my babies and wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!! Even though they can be little devils evilicon !!!


Boxer Pal
Ok here is Farley's most annoying habit. He likes to goose people.... get right up in there and give you noogies. This happens the most when he is in one of his spastic moods.... but I really think it makes him laugh when he makes a grown man scream like a girl. Come to think of it, this all started after I got him neutered.... I've been walking around with my hands covering my butt for almost three years now.... but I wouldn't trade him for the world!
Farley -5/7/98 white boy with a mask and a natural ears... what a cutie.


Boxer Pal
What, you have nice clothes on?

When I, or my wife, get dressed in a suit, he tries to wipe his face off on us just after he eats his breakfast. So basically, you have a lamb and slobber mark on your pant leg for the whole day. Sometimes, he is real clever, and gets you in the back of the leg so you don't notice, although all your co-workers do.

I love when he tries to lay down on us, so I can't call that annoying. The toy under the coach is VERY annoying, with the constant digging and whining.


Oscar, 1 year old Mahogany Fawn, Natural Ears, White Paws
Plato, 9 year old Umbrella Cockatoo

Patches Mom

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Patches most annoying habit is after eating to go and wipe her face off on the side of the couch or the bed. she will just keep circling then turn around and circle the other direction until she thinks her face is clean. She also does the ball thing under the furniture but the poodle will go fetch it for her I think she likes seeing him go under and bring it back out.
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