Our new puppy Roxie


Boxer Insane
She is just lovelylovicon I would say a largish girl probably, but then I have a small girl at just 24 kilos (around 52 pounds). Dora is leggy and lean. Enjoy your lovely girl and I look forward to seeing more photos in the future.


Boxer Buddy
Congrats! She looks great. Boxer puppies get into anything and EVERYTHING. At least mine did, lol. They grow out of it though and get lazy throughout the years, but one thing remain... They love you like crazy. Best dogs hands down!

Keep us updated on Roxie!


Boxer Pal
Thanks a lot everyone! :)

Roxie is doing good. Shes growing, but we don't notice it until we look at pictures of her. We see her all the time so we don't notice shes growing until we look back.

She totally is getting into everything lol. Shes a handful, but shes fun.

Here are a few updated pictures I took. I also got a pretty funny video ill try to upload. She for some reason likes to act like a predator and stalk/pounce at my phone when im recording her.