Not a "Happy" New Year

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I just love all her snorting....too too cute lovicon . Sending many more prayers for a continued recovery. It might be small but any improvement is so heart warming........I hope it continues. Cami you are a very precious and special girl......and I just love your toy it looks very very cool. Thank you so much for the video....I enjoyed seeing it very much.


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How wonderful to see Cami playing around with her toy! I can't even imagine the joy it must bring you to see her like this again.


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Hi Susi and Cami-

I haven't been on in a long time due to internet issues at work, but just read this thread and tears are streaming down my face. I know Cami has been through ALOT already and my heart sank when I saw the beginning of what she was going through this time... and to finish it with that awesome video of her wiggling her butt and snorting and playing with you... so amazing. I am so glad to see her enjoying herself! Take care, all of you, and sending big hugs from Santa Cruz.

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Promising news today

Got the blood test results back today. The liver values that were nearly 800 last week have come down to 350. Still high (normal is 20-200) but the liver is repairing itself. Kidney (BUN) levels are down to 28 (normal is no higher than 27). That number probably won't come down much as it has been tending to stay just above normal. I can live with that.

It appears that the elevated liver numbers are from the trauma and not the meds however until they are well within normal range we can't be sure. We are certainly hopeful with today's results. Thinking of asking them about starting her on Milk Thistle but if truth be told she is taking SOOO much stuff right now that I just don't know and I honestly don't have the brain power to research what kind, how much, etc...If anyone has that info easily at hand and would like to share I would be most appreciative. At least I would have something available to approach the docs with.

A staph infection is starting to appear on her tummy. We just finished a round of meds for that before her collapse. She went without her thyroid meds and I'm sure the trauma to her body is also playing a part. Have to think about what to do with that.

She has been off Benadryl for 18 days now. At first her runny nose was gone and now it is back with a vengeance. I've been calling her Snotty McSnotty.

And now for the kicker......a stupid MCT showed itself today. I mean seriously??? ARRRGGG!! Can't worry about that now. With its size I am thinking a grade 2 (based on seeing 16 on her over her lifetime). I am pretty good at knowing her tumors. I told it that it wasn't welcome here. I am going to keep telling it that until it shrinks back down. If it is smaller tomorrow I will be a happy camper. Once they come up and stay up they MUST be addressed but she can't deal with that right now. Nor should she have to. Perhaps once she is stable and SPRING has arrived we can address that. Of course will be keeping an eye on it and doing what needs to be done.

Did I mention the opossum? Can't remember if I did in a previous post but she went after one. I am the last person to harm a creature but I was pelting that thing with snow balls. Luckily it had just made its way into the neighbors yard and Cam couldn't get to it. But she was trying her hardest and attacking the fence. I finally had to pick her up and carry her inside and take her heart rate. It was elevated but not too high. One would think that since she has caught SOO many in her yard that they would steer clear or at least pass the word to the other wildlife to stay away! "Crazy-freaky Boxer alert!". Methinks they are not that smart.

Her daddy took her for a VERY short walk today. She was over the moon! They literally went up the street a few houses, crossed the street and came back home but I think it did her good. Checked heart rate before heading out and when returning home. Only went up to about 125. Not bad at all. She needs to keep her strength up and her muscles strong. She has a way to go in that area since she was pretty stocky/thick before and now looks like *most* other Boxers we see. She has a really nice tuck now and a "girly" waist. She has never been fat but just one really built fighting machine. She takes after her dad who was quite stocky.

Adding insult to injury my cat vomited twice today. She is going to be 7 years old in April and has vomited 4 times in her entire life. Not even a hairball! Now we are up to 6. Acting totally normal otherwise. Will be keeping a watchful eye on her. She is so NOT a puker like so many cats are.

I think my hair is gray and I have wrinkles now. :LOL:

Holter test still pending.
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I am happy to hear that Cami and her daddy had a nice little walking date :) . We will be sending many "go away tumor" vibes to Cami as well. Glad to hear all the positive news and will be praying for continued healing, recovery and positive updates. Will also send some prayers for your kitty.


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Glad to hear the news!!! appicon Thats great Susi.
This smashicon is for the opposum :mad:. We just had an opposum run in here about 2 months ago except Justice cornered it and got scratched. Gosh my vet just LOVES us. We are job security for her.

Give that sweet Cami girl big hugs from us here in Maryland.


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Go Cami! So glad to hear that she is feeling better every day! Sending healing vibes to your cat, too!!!


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I haven't been on for a while and started this thread at the beginning. Needless to say, my heart was breaking and the tears were flowing! I am so happy to hear that Cami is doing so much better...hang in there!
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