GDOGS 8/18/05 - 6/17/17


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Well this last week has been really hard on our family. but I wanted to write a few lines as we all miss him terribly I don't know where to start as I feel words are not enough. GDOGS was diagnosed with what we thought was diabetes insipidus but our current vet had done some testing and it was discovered it was not diabetes insipidus but cushings so what a shock that was.
So we started a plan to get it under control which lasted for almost a year but GDOGS started losing weight fast the last 2 months and went from 120lbs down to 98lbs we went back for some more testing only to find out we were losing the fight although he fought fearlessly so we decided give him another month and see how he was doing before we made any decisions on what to do next but when I got up that Saturday morning I took 1 look at him and I knew as he walked towards me and looked up at me while putting his big ol' head on my lap and I knew he was tired.
So I did what so many of us on here have done it was the only way I could try and repay him for all of what he had so willingly done for us for so many years. It is still hard to get up in the morning and I still find myself looking for him to be where he always was. I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who posted on here as I have read each post aloud in hope in some silly way he heard them like I used to whenever we would welcome new members to this board.
So to my darling loving handsome boy thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you gave us, run forever free Goliath (GDOGS) Doers, Do Do's, Blockhead. you are greatly missed by all you touched with your great personality and loving ways.


Boxer Insane
So sorry to hear of your loss. I know what wonderful dog these Boxers are. They wiggle right into our hearts like no other in my opinion. It makes it harder to loose them. RIP GDOGS. To mom and dad of GDOGS, He would want you to remember the happier times. They know when we are hurt or feeling down. He would not want that for you.angelicon


Boxer Insane
That is so sad !!! And you are so brave to have made that decision , they say it's better a day to early than a day to late , you were totally unselfish and put his needs before your own , it's a true testament to the love you had for him .
Again I am gutted for you , you and GDOGS have been an active member of this site since I joined about 6 yrs ago so I myself feel like Iv lost a special friend in his passing ..
Run hard and free sweet boy and look down on your family and help ease their pain until you meet again .


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It is a very hard thing to decide to put a dog to sleep. I had to make that decision with Markus. I still question that I did the right thing, but in my heart I know I did. Right now you are in a lot of pain, but it will eventually fade and only the happy memories will remain. One day you will hopefully get another boxer. They are the best dogs, especially with children. Hopefully your child will have to opportunity to grow up with a boxer. :) There was a time, after Moto died tragically at 5 years, of a suspected heart attack that I did not want another boxer. I researched many breeds, but just couldn't find one that equalled a boxer. I ended up with two boxers, Dante and Allie. They are the best. Having one boxer good, having two is even better. :)

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I'm so very sorry for your loss and wish that words could take away some of your pain sadicon. It is the hardest decision to make but I'm sure he loves you even more for having spared him more agony. RIP little man and sure you'll wait at the rainbow bridge. My thoughts and prayers are with you!