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That's different!!!! I would hate to think the hag was the reason you would move out. Sounds like the benefits outweigh....... :) I used to live in an apartment for years with goofy neighbors and I am soooooo glad we are now in our own house. I did find one good neighbor tho ....... and I married him. lovicon


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This situation really stinks. Keep us posted on how the meeting goes, I'm curious as to what they will say when they see what sweethearts you have.


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This may be long, but here goes:

I left 2 messages with the apt. manager and when she called me back, she told me she couldn't meet with me yesterday because she had meetings at 3 and 3:30 (keep in mind the office doesn't close until 6). She asked if I had any other dogs in my apartment. I said no but that I'd had Gretchen, which one of the girls in the office said was ok. She said it's not because they don't allow visiting pets. I said don't worry because I'll be gone in 2 months. I told her I knew who was complaining and that it's getting ridiculous. She (of course) said she couldn't comment on that. I said I knew but that I also knew for a fact who was complaining because she's cussed me out and had the police out asking what kind of dog Beau is. I told her that our lease also says not to be a nuisance to neighbors and she is being one. She said that it's not a nuisance if the lady thinks a conversation with the police is necessary. I told her it obviously wasn't because when the cop found out he was a boxer, she got in her car and left. I told her I'd never had a pitbull. She said to make sure I don't because they're not a breed the apartment complex accepts. I asked her why I know of at least 4 of them in the complex then...and she went silent...lol! I told her I'd printed out information stating that a boxer is actually a "less aggressive, family dog" and that I'd love for her to either read it and tell the woman or give it to the lady and let her read it herself. I told her that my boys are like my children and that my biggest fear is that I'll come home to find a letter on my door saying that they have to leave because someone has turned in yet another bogus complaint. She said they have to investigate and "What would you like for me to do?" in a very rude tone. I told her I'd like for her to come meet Beau for herself so that she can see that he is a sweetheart and then tell the lady to back off (I told her I knew the lady wouldn't listen to me because as his owner I'm going to say he's sweet, but if she told her, maybe she'd listen). She said she'd try to come by and meet him...she didn't come yesterday and I haven't heard from her today, so I think that was the end of it...YAY!!! I don't care if she meets Beau or not because I'm leaving soon. It is her loss if she doesn't. I just want my neighbor to mind her own damn business and let us live the next 78 days in peace!

I just wanted to give you guys an update. If the apt. manager does call again (which I really doubt), I'll tell you how it goes!

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Wow, sorry you are going through all this. I'm glad to hear that you are sticking up for your babies. That woman sounds awful and the "management" sounds clueless. If I were you, I would let Bailey and Beau "lift their legs" on the hag's door as I was moving out-that's only mildly evil lol !


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Make sure its a very large pile Beau leaves for her. I hope the next two month are as peacful as possible for you and your boys.


beausmommy said:
Oh, I plan on doing more than that. I'll be leaving her one of Beau's lovely steamers!

:LOL: Okay, yes, she deserves it and it would be (briefly) satisfying to do that, but don't give in to temptation (strong as it may be). You'd only be stooping to her level and you have more class than that! ;) Just think - this is a woman who will never know or understand the wondrous world of boxers... how sad for her. It's punishment enough, and you could never match it.


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Quote: CondoPup
but don't give in to temptation (strong as it may be). You'd only be stooping to her level

I agree with CondoPup, I know it stinks to have crappy neighbors (I do too) and as hard as it may be, you shouldn't stoop to her level. You know you are in the right! Good luck!


I would be so frustrated if I had to go through that!

One time I had a problem with an apartment complex saying that we owed them additional money and they had reported it to the credit bureaus. So I wrote a letter with copies of the checks and all the dates and details about the situation. At the end I signed it and below I put cc:Attorneys name, Attorney at Law. We have a family friend that is an attorney so I just put his name on it. I never heard from them, never paid another penny and it was removed from my credit.

You could do the same thing if you have a friend that is an attorney. Just keep a record of the dates and times she says stuff to you, quote the lease and then mail it certified with a return receipt for your records! Just an idea.

I also hope you don't have any more problems in the next 2 months!

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Austin's Mom said:
How about leaving her a note saying that if she doesn't stop bothering you you're gonna file a harassment charge against her since you aren't breaking any complex rules.

That is EXACTLY what I would do!! Good luck!
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