1. Posing for the camera

    Posing for the camera

    "Take the picture already! I'm tired of posing forever!" Can you say - SUPERSTAR! :)
  2. Look at my ears!

    Look at my ears!

    What can I say, he'll have the ladies lining up... :)
  3. I'm full

    I'm full

    Boy, that dinner was very filling...
  4. I'm watching TV

    I'm watching TV

    "Hey, get out of my way! I'm watching TV!" ...I think I interupted his favorite TV show on Animal Planet :)
  5. What? Dinner's ready?

    What? Dinner's ready?

    getting kind of hungry...
  6. Loving the sun

    Loving the sun

    enjoying the sun, playing in the yard :)
  7. I'm tired!

    I'm tired!

    resting up on the way home from the vet.
  8. Yeah, they are standing up!

    Yeah, they are standing up!

    First picture after last ear posting. Only after two posting, they are standing up. Taken right after leaving the vet.
  9. Not the vet again!

    Not the vet again!

    On the way to the vet getting his posts off (last picture before the came off for good)! :)
  10. Look at that face!!

    Look at that face!!

    My handsome little son!!
  11. Petie in his bed

    Petie in his bed

    Petie at 8 weeks
  12. Smoking Outside Only

    Smoking Outside Only

    This is our up and coming little movie star. Her name is "Chantily Lace", we just call her "Tily" for short. One of her favorite chew toy's is an old wooden pipe. She carrys this thing everywhere she goes ...she covets it, like a baby would a pacifier.
  13. I'm trying to sleep, mommy!

    I'm trying to sleep, mommy!

    Austin was so cold. We bundled him up and at that moment, his little eyes got real heavy!
  14. 50 lbs ago

    50 lbs ago

    This was Tysons first pick! Now he weighs about 50 more lbs. I have the pics, just not scanned in yet. He is our little tank!
  15. Ears posted now

    Ears posted now

  16. Kane


    His name is Kane and he is 5 Months old
  17. Max & Bart

    Max & Bart

    Here a nice posed picture of Max - aka The Little Monster with his best friend Bart enjoying a sunny Saturday afternoon
  18. RARRRR!!!!!


    I had to put a biscuit on my head to get him to face the camera
  19. Shiner and Hudsen

    Shiner and Hudsen

    Oh, brother, another young sprout too look after, teach, and show the rules of the house to...
  20. Lily


    Little Lily at 3 weeks