The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

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I was so excited last night. This is the first time I ever wished I had a computer at home. The thought of waiting til this morning to post about killed me. Way to Go Presley and Travis!!!!!! You guys have made all boxer owners so proud.

Did anyone notice how peeved JD looked? Everyone else looked like they were really happy Presley won. All I can say is "sore loser".


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Very happy Presley won although I really thought they were going to give it to Andrew just because of Presley's youth especially after they asked the owner why a '16 month' old should win. I thought Travis just spout out a lot of rhetoric. Fantastic that he won, me and Buddy were cheering for him.

Yes JD was pissed, I did think the judges were a bit rough on him.

C Prawetz

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Way to go Presley - He is the best. Travis did a great job with him. You can tell he is one happy dog. JD was such a sore loser. I think Galaxy would have won if it wasn't for JD - he had such an attitude. I am glad that little Andrew came in 2nd - his owner is great and I was happy that Travis and her were the last two standing.

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Good Job Presley!!!

Last night was the first time that I was able to watch this show because of my busy schedule but I finally caught it and I ended up watching the whole thing and cheering and clapping in the end. Great Job Travis for being so attentive and patient with Presley. Also want to say that the other dog Andrew was great as well and did a very good job. They both impressed me!


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Loved this show!

I was cheering for Presley from the first episode......knowing he was the age of my boxer, not having much faith in Presley. But as the show went on, Travis and Presley's relationship grew tighter and more trusting. It was such an inspiration for me and I'm sure so many other first-time owners. Boxer's Rock!!!

Congrats to a great boxer Presley! And if Travis needs a good woman to take care of them boys, Lily and I would love to share!!! LOL


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I too have been cheering for Presley since the first episode and was SO thrilled that he won!! I danced around the room and DVR'd the I can watch it again :D

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So Happy

I have been a member for a long time but I have not been on here for quite a while.
I was a frequent lurker & occasional poster but I have been quite busy chasing around my toddler son and our beloved boxer who of course is my sons best friend & partner in crime:)

When Presley won I knew I had to come on here and post.
I am so happy that Presley won!!
Of course I was biased from the beginning being a boxer fanatic & all.
I have to say that I was impressed that he was able to do some of those challenges being that he is really still quite young.
What a great testament to the breed that we all love so much!!
I hope this show comes back again next season & of course I will be hoping that here is another boxer on the show.

My only problem is that DH recorded it to watch when he gets home from his business trip but I know my face will be a dead giveaway if he asks me if Presley won, LOL!!

Joe Beam

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Go Presley!!!...I knew he was going to win when he didn't eat that treat on his paw! She proved how easy he is to train.

Galaxy didn't learn anything and JD was way too cocky. Andrew might as well been carried through the course...that dog is way too dependent on the owner!
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