The Greatest American Dog - Presley??

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I was actually impressed with the decision Travis made. He was right, the challenge was about loyalty and loyalty needs to go both ways. I think what he did was honorable.

I agree with TossBranAbi. I think Travis did the right thing on the first challenge. Presley was not having fun with it any longer. I don't believe he has the attention span yet to handle that. Therefore, end the challenge before Presley jumps off or lays down. That way Presley finished the challenge still listening to Travis versus doing something Travis did not ask him to do.

As far as the second challenge, he did fantastic. My boxer would have been gone the first sight of a toy or food. I would have been a second thought only. I think even Lexi was impressed by Presley holding back for as long as he did.

I think Andrew is not "the greatest American dog". I love it when my Lexi will run to other people and plays with them. It shows how confident and secure she is.

Go Presley and Travis. Show America and the world how great our boxers really are!


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i just watched online, and was so impressed with presley, and with travis too.

my buster is only a few months younger than presley, and would have bolted at the first squeak from a toy, or at the invitation from absolutely anyone to play. i actually felt as if the second challenge was more torturous than just making him sit/stay on the stump, and felt worse for him when he was trying so hard to be a good boy and listen to his daddy while there was so much fun stuff around him. i could see his muscles tensing and imagined the debate going on inside his puppy mind. i thought he showed remarkable restraint and loyalty, but i am way prejudiced.

while andrew is clearly obedient, he just does not seem to have any joy or exuberance in him. he is what i would call "robotic" as the judges labeled galaxy. as for the judge who clearly does not like presely, buster and i decided that she seems to be the type of gal who carries her dog around in a purse, so we don't value her opinion at all. :)


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has anyone ever noticed the dog in the logo of the show is the boxer?! of COURSE bc they're the most gorgeous dogs ever :) [sorry, Im a graphic designer so i notice things like that!]

go Presley!!!!! He's such a typical boxer, I love watching hiim!


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Yes I dont thing Andrew is the greatest american dog either. But at the same time I wonder if the judges will actually let a dog as young as Presley win. I just have my doubts that, that will happen. Im all for wishful thinking, but based on what the judges thought last week, Im afraid we are in for some disappointment.


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Here's my theory, for what's its worth. I think that the show has been foreshadowing the winner all year and it's Presley. If you watch the shows intro each week they show him more than they do any other dog. The when he jumps from one deck to another it morphs into the logo for the show. I'm no detective but that's what I see and I'm sticking to it :LOL: Can't wait to see what happens tonight.


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Atta Boy!

I just have to say that I am so impressed that our Boxers are finally having their day! :)

My mom actually put me on to this show and I am so glad that she did! I have to agree with the other posts in that the little white dog is just a little too attached to the owner. (Apollo would have bolted too, with all the excitement and enticement going on!) I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that Presley takes home the prize -- Boxers deserve it!


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Yes, Presley is going to win!!!! I noticed it was Presley in the begining of the show in the outline of the dog in the intro. I think it's a "hint" too, HEheheheh. GO PRESLEY!!!!


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You're jinxing him. I would like him to win but I don't think the judges do. Andrew is the one they seem to favor. That one judge definitely doesn't like JD as she thinks he is dominating the dog too much. Like most of these shows it is so subjective. If it is based on winning competitions Presley has a good chance as I saw some agility clips and Presley is good with them.

Bridget D

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Tonight's The NIGHT!!!

Presley is going to win, I feel it in my bones.

Bella and I are all set to watch and cheer him on tonight and I just KNOW he is going to win!!!!!

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