The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson


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Clicker training is covered in the book, but so are many other methods :) The clicker is only a training tool (my Boxers are clicker trained and respond to hand and voice signals) :) The book basically covers how dogs think, what dogs need, how to manage / prevent / change problem behaviors, how to train, how to proof, and how to live happily with your dog. It covers the very basics like housetraining and also advanced competitive training.


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My dog is re-training using the clicker method, and the results are way better than the conventional method I tried previously. It is difficult & at times frustrating for him, but he is catching on brilliantly, and we are both happier in training. He also knows hand signals & voice commands, and using what he already knows, I am reinforcing his good behaviour with the clicker method....
If you read the book, you will find that using the clicker is only a "marker", not the be-all & end-all of training. You will go on to voice & hand cues after the behaviour is established.
I have found the book very useful in just understanding my dog & his behaviours better, just as Sharon was describing.
Clicker training is almost unheard of where I live, too... but many people here are now getting interested because of the progress that they see in my dog, & just my enthusiasm about his training & the fun that we now have... it is not work any more!


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Just got Culture Clash yesterday and I have been unable to put it down ever since!

Thank you to everyone who recomended it! It's So interesting!


Has anyone read the book "The Power of Positive Dog Training" by Pat Miller? I would like to know how you would compare to "The Culture Clash", which I would really like to get my paws on! Pat Miller's book relies on positive reinforcement, and clicker training as well. She has a six week curriculum set up with a variety of essential commands (sit, stay, etc) as well as tricks and games to teach your dog each week. IMO it's very good - very clear and concise. In fact, Jean Donaldson reviewed the book and recommended it (it is fairly new, so try to get your paws on it!)

Has anyone read Dr. Dodman's "Dogs Behaving Badly?" I also found it very interesting and helpful.

I read Job Micheal Evans' "People, Pooches and Problems" but found that there was a lot of physical punishment (like slapping the dog under the chin or shaking it by the scruff) - so I did not particularly enjoy that one.

I read "How to Speak Dog" but was not overly thrilled with it - sorry! Stanley Coren is a brilliant man but his book pretty much put me to sleep.

Also, the book "Animals as Guides to the Soul" by Susan McElroy made me cry it was so touching. My boyfriend really thought I had lost my marbles - I was blubbering like a little baby!

What other books have you found to be helpful?



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Once again...... I am reiterating the appreciation that I have for this book, The Culture Clash.....

I finally bought it last fall, and won't let it out of my home... fortunately, the library here has it, and now it is out on permanent loan, as everyone that I've spoken to wants to read it now!

My puppy has just started kindergarten, and I got the trainer (the main one in our small community) to get into Culture Clash. She is enjoying it immensely!!!! I was so glad to hear that, as she does use positive training methods, but has not gone to clickering. She said that she appreciates how well Jean Donaldson expresses exactly how she has felt about dogs & training, but never found it written down before. I use the clicker in her class, and she is seeing how well it works already! Mosely is way ahead of the other puppies, and he is (on average) one month younger than the rest.... (12 weeks today!).

I have now accumulated Dr. Ian Dunbar's book Dog Behaviour (on loan to my hairdresser, along with Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen Pryor), as well as Don't Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor...... this one I may not lend out at the risk of losing it, or not having it available when I need it, just like Culture Clash!

If anyone that reads this board & book review hasn't picked it up/got it out on loan yet.... PLEASE DO!!!!!!

I am a believer now!!!! And I am telling the world!!!!!! :D


Happy training! We're having fun here now!


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I just ordered this book and it arrived 2 days ago. I am about 1/3 way trhough the book. I think it's excellent!!!
At first it was kinda hard to comprehand with what the authoor was saying, but you soon get used to it and it reads very well. A whole lot of good info. I set it down today and my husband picked it up and started reading it, he got a little hooked too.
I highly recommend this book, and I am going to extensively used in training of my dogs. I believe that is an excellent resourse for all your behavioral problems your dog may have.

Tamara, your baby is sooooo CUTE!!!



I got my the Culture Clash book in the mail yesterday so I am looking forward to reading it in preparation for the new puppy as well as to help sort out some of my 1 yo terrier rescue's issues. I justhave to promise myself not to pick it up until I catch up on my reading for my classes!

Yay for positive reinforcement!


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Just got Culture Clash!

I just started reading the Culture Clash. So far, it is far different than I thought it would be. Certainly no sentimentality with this book...very to the point. Can't wait to get into it more. This woman makes sense! Cindy W. :)


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I just read the CC it really gave me alot of insight into a dogs thinking. I really enjoyed it I think she makes alot of sense. Changed my way of thinking about dogs in a good way.