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Trying a rescue agency

Hi everyone,
Last November we lost our 11 yr old boxer. I thought we would never get another dog. About 4 months ago we decided the family was missing a special member. We knew that it was a dog.
We had a friend who introduced us to a rescue web site. I started looking. We decided to get our member that way. I started filling out adoption papers. Matter of fact I found several rescue web sites(Some coordinated their efforts together but had different dogs available) One said they were not affiliated with any other rescue.
I had 18 adoption papers printed out that I sent in.
About one month ago I was called by this certain rescue (the one not affiliated with any other one). I was told that a person would be contacting me. Well we did the references, the home visit and now I am in the process of finding a boxer that would love to be in our home. This was so thrilling to our family because two of the other rescues called and told me that they would not accept me as an adoptable home because I have daycare in my home. They did not even look at my home environment.
After looking at the choices on this rescues site we made some choices that were available for my home situation This process has not been so good of a time.
One I asked for was adopted.
The others consisted of three older ones and a two together.
After a long talk with the other members of my family, we decided not to go with an older one because it would be too hard to face that right now. The last pick was two which we are still talking about. I would not want to accept them and have it not work out.
I have been on this web site and read over and over the notes from the foster families. I have asked about this one and that one which according to the dogs needs I know our home would be suitable because:
I am at home 100%.
I can give alot of time to him/her because of the help (2 to 4 adults) I have within my work.
I have structure within my work day that includes walks, and playing in the yard.
Vacation for us are a family affair and our animals are with us for our vacations.
I feel that with each request about another one, I am turned back to just the group that we talked about in the beginning which is the older ones and the set.
Another concern is that I was at a party this past weekend and being excited about the new member that was joining our home, I was talking about this rescue agency.
Someone(I did not catch her name) that was at that party but I did not know her said she knew about this particular rescue agency. This was her exact words she said twice to me "Just make sure you get the right dog".
Those words have stuck in my head since then.
This is why I have had this gut feeling that I may be with a rescue that is not a good choice. They may have selected me for the wrong reasons. Maybe because I was looking into the older dogs which I know are hard to place. Don't get me wrong I would take an older one if it was only my decision. It is not we are a family and this is a family decision and I respect their wishes until we all feel comfortable with that choice.
Now since then I have inquired about 4 other dogs on their site, they give me answers as to why the others are not suitable. Like, I'm sorry that one has been adopted, that one is scared of children.
I know that there was some kind of "thing" between them and another rescue site. It was kind of explained to me that they just had a disagreement and they separated. I went throught the chanels on making sure they were members of clubs and such.
My problem is that two of the other rescue agencies told me because I have a daycare in my home (which is separated from the regular household) that they would not consider me. I have tried to explain that I have raised two dogs in this setting. One a boxer. I am home all day with help which has allowed me to be able to meet my dogs daily needs. I teach the children to have respect for animals and the animals to be respectful to people. Isn't this the idea of the classes that I take for children and the ones for the animals?
I am very confused.
I do not want to accept a dog that may be the wrong one at this time in our family life. We almost feel that we should find a breeder and get our family member that way.
Any advice you can give me would be great.
Why can't I help the other rescues to at least take a look at my home.
The one that did take a look understood the set up. The rooms are gated which can keep the children from harming the dog and keep the dog from harming the children until they have an understanding on how to respect each other.
My heart is saddened with the confusion.
thanks for listening
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I'll be honest and say that your post was a little confusing. The only thing I can really tell you is that the liability (for a rescue) of placing a dog in a daycare situation is so high that I feel sort of woozy just thinking about it. If a rescue is telling you "we don't have a match for you right now," this may just be a polite way of saying, "we think you're a nice person but we don't feel comfortable placing a dog in your home." Also, if you've come across as being ultra-concerned about wanting a young dog with no issues, the rescue may have the impression that you are very likely to return any dog that doesn't meet your expectations (rather than working with the dog).

I dunno, I'm just guessing.

Rescue isn't the right path for everyone, and maybe that is the case here, although you are to be commended for looking into it as a possibility.


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Howdy, If possible would someone please explain why using a doggie door and a crate would rule someone out from being able to adopt? I've always used a doggie door and a crate has always been invaluable, especially at night and when traveling. If a direct answer isn't possible, would you be able to steer me towards a different thread? Thanks for your time. SP


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Howdy, If possible would someone please explain why using a doggie door and a crate would rule someone out from being able to adopt?

I think you are mislead, as rescue agencies definitely promote (and often require!) that you use a crate.

Doggie doors on the other hand, can be very unsafe. This allows your dog to freely go in and out of your house while you are gone (possibly digging under or jumping over the fence). It also increases the risk of injury or death, when you are unable to supervise them in your yard.

Hope this helps


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"We did go for a period of time in our group where the "powers that be" decided that they wouldn't adopt to anyone that worked out of their home, crated their dogs EVER, had certain breeds of dogs, or had a doggie door."

I too would like to know why you would deny to a person that has crated their dogs.


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I too would like to know why you would deny to a person that has crated their dogs.

Well, the person who posted this was not involved with Boxer Rescue (she stated that she volunteered for a Pug Rescue). In addition to this, her post was made over 1 1/2 years ago....

I do not know of any Boxer Rescue that would deny a person that crate trained (properly).