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I see lots of posts on BoxerWorld where people are trying to help Boxers in need, and that is wonderful! I just wanted to mention that there are misguided people out there who are calling themselves rescuers but are not. Before agreeing to adopt a dog from someone who posts to a message board, you may want to:

1) Ask them about their veterinary protocol. A legitimate rescue will spay/neuter and take care of a number of vaccinations before placing a dog.

2) Ask them if they are a member of the American Boxer Rescue Association and whether they abide by ABRA's Code of Ethics.

3) Ask about temperament testing. Sometimes dogs have been surrendered for biting and aggression. The last thing you'd want is to have someone place such a dog with your family without telling you the background.

Also, a legitimate rescue will ask you to submit an application and also to sign an adoption agreement. The rescue will, without exception, do a home check.

There have been several cases recently where a few individuals have misrepresented themselves to shelters and other organizations. I know of one organization that was forced to shut down due to poor conditions, and simply re-opened under another name. There is more to rescue than simply obtaining a dog and giving it to someone else. Please keep this in mind when thinking about adopting a dog. (I am specifically addressing people who represent themselves as rescue, not individuals trying to find a new home for their own dog.)


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EXCELLENT reminder!! appicon

Although I would consider many people on this board and chat "friends," I have to remind myself that I really don't know anything about them. And some may not be who they seem to be. :(
Never hurts to be cautious! :)


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Thanks for all your great tips. It is always nice to hear a bit of advised from someone w/ experience in the subject. For those of us that are looking for a special one... it is a VERY big deal that should not be taken lightly and all the more tips, the better we all can be prepared! It is nice to hear that you are looking out for us as well as our Boxers!
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I have had many people compare adopting a dog from rescue like adopting a child :rolleyes: Although we know rescues aren't half as stringent as adoption agencies, your better ones will be very thorough! If they are just trying to throw a dog at you..BEWARE!


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We are in the process of adopting a boxer from a rescue. This will be our third boxer, but first rescue. I was impressed with the detailed questions on the application. They have reviewed our application, and checked our references and talked to our vet. The lady has stated that she is VERY careful who adopts the dogs. They should be doing our home visit very soon. We are so excited, and we feel like expectant parents.



But what if the people are truely in need of wanting a boxer to rescue, and are not even looked at because of something caused a bunch of "RED FLAGS" to one person, and they can't adopt because someone put a "NO-WAY" on there forehead, so no one will be even reconized for adoption, but then yet they can go right out and get a puppy for 350. and have a bad home,,,, why isn't there better breeders to look up people buying puppys as well? I had one bad thing happen in this boxer world one person sent out a "RED FLAGS " to advoid me from adopting a adult dog.
And thats all it took, and I have a GOOD HOME, Not the 200,000. Home, but its home and all my animals are still here! So I don't know where some people get off by boycotting someone without really looking into the persons home & their life!!!!!


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Claudia's point was that rescue groups should be fully checked out. There are people who claim to run a rescue but infact they are not a legitimate rescue group.

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As a responsible breeder I must agree with Kimmi. Breeders must take more care in the placement of pups.

I realise we are only human and can be lead up the garden path by some very clever liars, but I do as much as I possibly can to "check" my new buyers out.

Years ago I found it difficult to tell a person " NO" They cannot purchase a pup from me, but Ioften did say NO if I felt they were just not the "right" people.
Now I tend to look further into their lifestyle and see if I can educate them. If I dont or wont sell them a pup, they can often obtain one elsewhere and that pup will suffer instead.

By keeping in close contact with my puppy buyers for at least the first year , I have never had a pup suffer in any way.

Like anything in life, education is the key to empowerment.

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Re: OK

Originally posted by jesterbong
because someone put a "NO-WAY" on there forehead, so no one will be even reconized for adoption, but then yet they can go right out and get a puppy for 350. and have a bad home

Bona-fide rescues have a standard set of criteria that they are looking for in homes; and usually special requirements for certain dogs.
"Red flag" homes are very few and far between; and it does not immediately preclude a family from adopting from another rescue group; however, if there are issues that the rescue group feels disqualifies you from adopting one of their dogs, you need to look at it from their viewpoint.
"Rescues" are in the various programs because humans let them down..somehow. It does NOT mean that you would let them down also, but consciencious rescue groups are going to do everything to ensure that the BOXER has the best environmnet to succeed. It can sometimes hurt our feelings that someone doesn't think we have a perfect home, but some dogs just don't fit with the families that want them. Rescue isn't doG..we are just doing the best we can, for one boxer at a time.
We have turned down wonderful homes because they became insistent that only a certain boxer was the one they wanted; and in our opinion, their lifestyle didn't fit the needs of that dog. They would have been a wonderful home for a different dog, but they weren't interested, and went away empty handed.

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