Noel has a brain tumor...


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My girl Noel, aka "Sweet Pea" most likely has a brain tumor. About a month ago I took her to the vet because her eyes were super goopey..mostly her right eye. Noel, who's age is not certain but around 8 or older, has severe allergies, but her eyes did not ever get like this..The vet stained her eyes and found a small cyst on the bottom of the right eye. We treated that eye for the cyst, and the other eye for the allergy and she was getting a bit better. The cyst healed quickly, but both eyes again got goopey and we switched up the drops for a few weeks. I thought all was well, but last week the eyes gooped up again and she became quite depressed. She stopped getting up when we came home and was hard to wake up from sleeping. Her appetite was still fine. Then last Thursday she had two episodes of head tremors. Our vet referred us to a specialist. After examining her the specialist is quite sure that there is either a tumor or inflammatory brain issue going on. We did blood work, which all was good. I would not allow an MRI because Noel had a minor surgery back in April to remove a benign lump and had a very difficult time with the anethesia--including a seizure. I thought I was going to lose her that night and will not have her put under again. The specialist vet said (in hindsight) that might have been an early sign of the brain problem. We started her on Prednisone on Tuesday evening..there was a noticeable difference after the first dose, and she is acting like her normal self today, just three days later--her right eye is still a little droopy. The Specialist said we could expect a few weeks to a year for our sweet girl. I can't help but feel there is a clock ticking in the background, but for now we are ignoring it and enjoying every day as it comes. As in the past, I have come here to read a lot of threads with similar situations and have learned what to expect and gained advice how to be prepared. I will try to keep Noel's story updated too. Noel is a special girl, she was a puppy mill momma who was rescued by a boxer rescue who saved her and got her healthy and blessed us with her. We have been enjoying her new most wonderful life for two years. She is the sweetest dog and it breaks my heart she has to have this fate.


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I'm sorry for you and your sweet Noel! I cannot offer any advice, but want to send my thoughts and lots of BW hugs. Please keep updated on your girl.


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I am very sorry to hear this. I went through this once and all I can tell you is you saying that you are ignoring the clock is exactly what you need to do. Enjoy everyday with your baby girl because that is what she wants and it will make all of you the happiest doing it that way. As you said no one can tell you how long it will be and I hope we will only here good stories for a long while. Sending you hugs!


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Firstly I'd like to thank you for giving that Girl a loving home , after the horrible start she had She knew she had landed on all four paws when you came into her life ..
Its tough for you and her having to go through this it's hard to stay calm when your screaming on the inside but just keep in the back of your mind that where there is life there is hope , the clock is ticking for us all from the day we are born We just choose to put it on silent so put that clock on silent and try your best to enjoy being with your Girl .. Please keep us posted .


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Sending lots of posiitve vibes your way.

Try and treat Noel as normally as possible. Live for the present and don't worry about the future.

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So sorry your going through this :( As you and the others have said live everyday as you are. Everyday is precious and we never know how much time we have with our babies whether they are healthy or not :) She is so lucky to have been blessed with a loving family that cares and loves her like you do



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I am sad to hear this. All you can do is love her and make each day special. So happy to hear you took her in. Hugs to you and Noel.


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So sorry to hear about this. I know you'll continue to give her the best life possible for as long as you can!


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We just went through a brain tumor with our Tugger who was only 5. She also was taking Prednisone, which helped her so much. It doesn't make the outcome any easier though. I'm so so sorry.


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I am so sorry to read about Noel. My prayers are with you and lots of positive (((((vibes))))) are being sent.