Noel has a brain tumor...


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I saw a post on Facebook a while ago by someone who also had to set their dog free and a friend posted a reply saying ..don't be sad it happened but rejoice in the fact that You were lucky enough to have had her in your life ...
I know it won't ease your pain but it might help make you look at the situation differently ..
Godspeed sweet Girl angelicon


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..don't be sad it happened but rejoice in the fact that You were lucky enough to have had her in your life ...
I like that a lot...We were so lucky and blessed to have had her in our life. Thanks again to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support. I know that Noel had a huge reception at the bridge and that makes me smile!


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I picked up Noel's ashes today. Right after we had adopted Noel, we switched vets (after 20 years with the other) was just another reminder that we made the right choice. They treated Noel so well, and they KNEW her. They were so sweet and concerned..even asked how Fred was doing. I just wanted to share a picture of the beautiful urn and footprint that was included with the cremation. I had no idea they did the footprint..I just love it. I just wanted to also take a moment and again thank all of you for your support and kindness. We are all getting on and doing well. 10924_10203965371920193_1249997201290919812_n.jpg


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That picture brought tears to my eyes. Our vet also does the foot print and we have kept them of all our cats and dogs that have passed. We also receive a sympathy card signed by all the employes that we have kept. We love our vet because of how much she cares. I am very glad you have found the same thing. We were also asked about the ashes but we have always declined and I have no idea why. I am glad you are feeling better. hugicon


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I love the idea of a foot print. I wish I had one of Markus. He is the only one I have ashes for. Both Moto and Tara died at home and they are buried in my garden. Making a footprint would have been a great idea.


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I apologize for seeing this a bit late. I want to say I am very sorry to hear about Noel's passing. You gave her a wonderful loving family and home. Yes the foot print is a nice remembrance, I have one when Ginger passed. I know how difficult this is. Remember all the happy times with her. Hugs to you.


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I'm seeing this a bit late, too. I'm so sorry for Noel's passing. We also have ashes, collars, and footprints, along with sympathy cards from our vet from our last couple of dogs that passed. They are set on a bookcase shelf in our home.