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After losing our Sasha two years ago, we have decided its time to get another white girl. We are approved for a darling little 'pocket' boxer, not even 40 pounds. She is a teeny thing, yet full grown and estimated to be a year old. I need names!! So far I like Stella (yes I am aware its like Sasha...I can't help it.) Our two boys are Maximus and Mr. Brown and both dark brindle/black.

Any ideas??


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I love Stella, very girlie :) that's so exciting a new member of the family! Ok bear with me, I love love love girlie names lol. With her being tiny for a boxer, and white, I think "princessie" especially her being the the baby girl of the boys! Stella Def has my vote :) I also like Tink (as in Tinkerbell) Sophie, Paisley, and I always loved Chelsea, never could get hubby on board with that one. I even tried to name my human girls that but he liked unique different names, so I couldn't convince him. both of our daughters names at the ages 9 and 7 ....their not so unique lol....hear them all the time! But good luck whAtever you decide!!!!! Keep us posted!!!


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I like Stella too :)

My mom had a few other favorite names... We had three dogs at different times named Penny for example. Nothing saying you couldn't use Sasha again.


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I also like Tink (as in Tinkerbell)

Or how about Belle? Or if you combine it with Stella, you could do Bella and not have the same S beginning sound. My first thought was something with Snow White but I can't think of something cute with it.

Good luck with picking a name!


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I like Stella for a name too - but I could never use it personally because it always makes me think of Brando screaming in A Streetcar Named Desire.

What about Ginnifer (named after Ginnifer Goodwin, the actress that plays Snow White in ABC's, Once Upon A Time).
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