New Here and New to Boxers

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Boxer Pal
Hello all! I am the new momma to a 9 or 10 year old fawn female boxer. She used to be a stray up in North Carolina and was found riddled with parasites and weighing 40 pounds. She's still a petite sized girl and weighs 60 pounds. I have two other dogs, a 5 year old black lab and a 6 year old yellow lab. We ended up with a boxer after she saw me at one of the adoption days and fell in love with me. Her foster mom said she hadn't acted the same since seeing me (and crying for me) so after approval of our landlord we adopted her. We've had her for a little over a week now and the boys are so far tolerant, but we haven't been leaving them all together without supervision.

I live with my boyfriend in a house and fenced yard and have 3 dogs, 2 gerbils, and 1 tortoise (and thankfully no pet fees). Being an old gal boxer and never having had a boxer before, I'm sure I'll be asking quite a few questions on here in due time regarding her health. Right now she's being treated for a corneal ulcer.



Completely Boxer Crazy
Welcome and congratulations on your new girl. Super sweet of you to rescue an older girl:). Glad to hear your boys are ok with her. Post some pics of her and the boys, we'd love to see them!


Boxer Insane
Welcome to BW from myself and GDOGS from the flatlands of Nebraska,Thanx for giving her a chance and making her senior years truly enjoyable.
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