Need help getting SENIOR boxer from GA to WI

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Hello -
I posted a few pics of Dharma in another forum - but the transport we originally had set up to get her from GA to WI has fell through. I am desperate to get this girl to my house this weekend and looking for ANYONE in GA, KY, TN, IN to help!

Even if we can get her to Indianapolis or Bloomington, IL - I will gladly drive the rest of the way!!!

She is an 8 year old girl who was set to be euthanized. She has an amazing temperament - shares her kennel and food with ANY dog they put in there right now (they are packed to the brim so good temperament dogs are sharing). She's at a shelter in Clarkseville, GA

Can anyone help?! Even one leg of the trip?!

WE MAY have someone to get her from GA to Nashville but would be looking for help from Nashville further into IL or IN.

Please let me know! This senior girl needs to get out of the shelter and into my home to snuggle!! I would HATE for her to have to spend any longer in the shelter.

Here is another pic for anyone who missed my other post:

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



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I would help if it were in Ohio!
Isn't there an "underground" type of transport service for Boxers specifically? (I know there used to be).
Maybe a Google search might help you find it.
Minus that I guess you could contact Boxer rescues or even breeders in the states you need help with.
I hope you can make this work.


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There is a transport coordination group on FB that posts legs that people in rescue can fill. It would be another option if you don't have any luck. I've seen dogs go from florida to maine and the transport list filled in less than a day! I will look for it and send you the info.


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I've been watching her! She's got the most soulful eyes...Feel free to post on the AABR page. We have fans from all over, so maybe someone can help.


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Thank you all so much! She is on her way up to us as I type this. She is out of the shelter and will be staying in Nashville, TN tonight adn tomorrow nigth and caught a flight from Pilots n paws on Sunday!


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WooHoo indeed! This is great news for you and Rocky, and especially for Dharma.

Pilots and Paws, is she flying first class? :LOL:

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