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Boxer Pal
Hey Yall
so some info about me i'm 22 years old. I live with my boyfriend and my 2 year old son. We have a 3 year old boxer and a 5 year old min pin. I need some help with my boxer. But thats for later.

We live about 30 miles out side of atlanta in north Gerorgia. I was born an raised in the south. wouldn't live anywhere else if you pay me to. Rasing my son to be the good old souther gentlman. Just like my boyfriend. :).

I own my own business. and so dose my boyfriend we both work from home. So we are with our dogs and our son all day long every day. So every bad habit they have gets very anoing because we never get a brake from each other. lol

My min pin i have raised from a pup. He's 5 years old now and is my sons dog. They do everything to together. Can get them a part.

Our boxer is 3 years old female. She my boyfriends dog. We love her to death, she is the best with our son. Son can ride her and she doesn't care. you could do anything to this dog and she doesn't care. she's a great job except for a few thing she missed in the early years of training. She's my boyfriends first dog so he was guess when he trained her. Its left something to be disered when it comes to her being almost the perfect dog.

So this is the reason for the joining of this site i need help with my boxer. It would break my boyfriends heart if we had to get rid of her. But i'm at my wits end on what to do with her.

Please help
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