Has anyone here used surgical removal/chemo/radiation for brain tumors in their boxers?

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Hello BW family.... I am here today with an ache in my heart that is overwhelming. My baby girl Thora, who just turned 9 in March, probably has a brain tumor. We are CRUSHED. I just lost my father in January and my husband's grandmother in February and our hearts haven't even mended from that before this fell into our laps. It all started suddenly this past Saturday night when Thora had a grand mal seizure, out of the blue. She had 2 more smaller seizures Monday (12 hrs apart) and a "chomping" seizure when I took her the vet tuesday from anxiety. She is currently on Clorazepate to control the seizures and we'll be starting Keppra soon, and perhaps adding Prednisone down the line. My husband and I are trying to decide how we're going to proceed (palliative vs extensive testing). We lost our first boy Tuff to this when he was just 5. We had the MRI done (almost $2000), drove hours away to see a university neurologist, all to end up with little options but palliative care. We were grateful for the 4 additional months we got with him. So, we've been here before. With Tuff, I was hell bent on doing everything I could for him. We don't have bottomless pockets and we have 2 children in full time daycare. I just don't know what to do. I am afraid of putting our girl through hell just out of our own selfishness. My vet wasn't able to share any success stories with me because the majority of her pet parents only treat palliatively and do not even opt for the MRI (probably because of cost). I would love to hear ANY positive stories of anyone here who moved forward with surgical removal (where possible), radiation, chemo, etc. Please keep our baby in your thoughts. Are hearts are breaking all over again :(


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I am so sorry that you are going through this. I really can't offer any advice. I imagine it would be really expensive. Dogs do tolerate chemo well and it might be worth a try. I am sending lots of positive vibes your way. ------>>>>>>
Good luck!


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Oh no, sorry to hear you are facing this with Thora! I have no advice, I just want you to know, Thora will be in my thoughts.... Hugs.

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I hate to read this :( ... This is not an easy road to go down, I know all to well. keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

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Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts everyone... this is so hard :(
She's on the Keppra now and still on Clorazepate until enough time has passed for the Keppra to build up in her system and kick in. She's also getting 10mg Prednisone twice daily, but I am going to discuss this with our vet when we chat next because I'm concerned it's too low. Pretty sure we had Tuff on 20mg, but I can't remember if it was once a day or twice... it's been 10 years since we went down that road. For the time being she's doing ok. I don't think she had any seizures all weekend that we witnessed or saw evidence of. She had a mild one Friday and the vet agreed with my guess that it was because she was developing a tolerance. She's only getting 1/2 the clorazepate she's supposed to because it made her SO loopy, she couldn't even stand without falling over. She's adjusting better now, but at 8am every day she gets all 3 meds at once and about an hour later she staggers really bad until later in the afternoon. I am working from home and have my setup temporarily in the dining room with her bed right next to me, so she's usually content to lay there, though she'd rather be in my lap. I'm grateful that I am able to work from home during this pandemic because I don't think I could focus on work knowing she was home alone. The trickiest part for the time being is having the kids home all day because daycare is closed. My 1 year old just will not leave her alone and she of course wants to be by my side constantly.


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I am so sorry you are going Last July Arabella started having seizures. After all the tests short of an MRI, were done it was concluded that she had a brain tumor. They told me they could do am MRI, but it wouldn't change the outcome. There is no real treatment for brain tumors. We treated with medication. She last another 3 months. And it wasn't the seizures that got her. The tumor also caused her to have an insatiable appetite and she ate something she shouldn't have that caused a blockage. It is heartbreaking to watch them have a seizure. My heart is breaking for you and your family.

As a safety note for you, I was told not to get near Arabella's face. She could bite during a seizure. It would be something she wouldn't be able to control. I would limit your babies around Thora. Prayers for Thora, you and your family.