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gas around here is $1.89-1.99 for the lowest grade. our grocery store has a discount card they scan when you check out. They now have gas stations too & for every $50 you spend you get .10 off a gallon. Yesterday I got gas for $.69 a gallon. I got 12 gallons for $9 I was so happy


I just paid $1.72 per gallon on the cheap stuff on base. It's always cheaper on base. Here in town it is $1.87. TN/KY border.


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The price goes up and down like a crazy yo-yo here. I filled up the other day at $1.85 and now it's $1.92. Can't wait till it warms up enough to drive motorcycle to work!


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I just filled up on Thursday and it was a $1.71, but then yesterday it jumped to $2.10 and now this morning it's back down to $1.71. In our town gas prices are always jumping. It's getting real old paying these prices! The cheapest I've ever got gas was for 98 cents, but i've only had my liscense for 4 yrs!


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Gas just dropped 7 cents a gallon!

Our local AFN (Armed Forces Network) announced that gas is going to drop, effective 1 February, 7 cents/ gallon for both regular and super unleaded. Currently we are paying $2.07 a gallon for regular unleaded and our fast car uses super unleaded to the tune of $2.13/gallon. We carpool together with a 50 mile round trip to work each day. There are tons of Europeans who drive solo! Wish they had HOV lanes here! Denise
theGangler said:
Okay, ya got me. What is an HOV?

Where are you located?

HOV = High occupancy vehicle. We have ONE HOV lane in Calgary as a trial. It hasn't really affected anything though.. :( .

I doubt boxer gas (although plentiful) would be cheaper.... I spend about $50/month on food and treats to produce all that gas, and that's about how much I end up spending on my car too. Considering I'd probably have to get another boxer to get enough gas, it probably wouldn't be worth it :LOL:

By the way... gas here is anywhere between 0.65 and 0.80/litre depending on the day. Which is ridiculous because Alberta pretty much produces all the oil :rolleyes:


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the other day it was about 78 cents/l. It generally fluctuates between 69 (on a reallllly good day) and 89/90 but i have seen it up around 93 cents/l
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