Delmi has crossed the bridge


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It is with heavy hearts that we write this, as we helped Delmi cross the bridge this morning This will be the first time in way over 30 years that there will be no fur kids in our house and I must admit that of right now we sure aint liking it much as of right now but hopefully get easier. I know that GDOGS was waiting for her at the bridge as they loved each other except at the beginning GDOGS just wasn't to keen on this new fur kid in his empire(yup empire) as he always thought he owned everything. We already miss her so bad she had such a horrible start on life but she was such a trooper and came through everything with flying colours but in the end we lost you to that horrible cancer.
So please say hello to GDOGS, Dakota and Jasper for us and tell them we still miss them and talk about them often. Wishing you Gospeed Sweet Delmi (Bin Bin) love you lots.


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I am sorry for your loss of Demi! Making that decision, to let a dog cross the bridge, is on of the hardest things that we can do. It must be really hard to not have any dogs. I have never been without a dog since I got Markus, so many years ago. Since Dante disappeared last summer, I only have Allie.

Godspeed Demi! Run free at the Rainbow Bridge.

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I am so sorry for you loss! While it IS one of the hardest things we have to do, it is also one of the most selfless things we can do, for them.... we don't want them to go but we don't want them to suffer either. I had to help My Boy Joey at the end of his battle with cancer. We couldn't stand the emptiness, quietness of loneliness with out some furry paws running around and Rescued our Current Boxer sooner than we expected.


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Well today we feel much better now that we have Delmi's ashes/urn at home and we placed it on my side of the bed as she was always laying there,The place our vet uses is very good and very sympathetic and when GDOGS crossed the bridge they also done a great job. I just wanted to share this as I felt it would help both of us. Thanks for reading/listening


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I'm glad you are doing better. I know how hard it is. My first Boxer taught me what unconditional love and devotion is. They're more than just dogs like we had on the ranch when I was a kid. These guys are family members.


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I'm very sorry for your loss. The little buggers just wiggle their way into our hearts and then take a piece with them when they cross the bridge. Hoping the good memories fill the void.


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I know your pain and am so sorry that you are living it. A silent house without a dog is one of the loudest noises ever heard and definitely one of the saddest. From one broken heart to another I wish you peace. Hugs.
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