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We helped Clyde, our first furbaby, to the bridge yesterday. He turned twelve in May and he told me last Thursday that he was tired. We waited for his dad to get home from a trip and all of his friends and family came by to see him over the weekend. He enjoyed so much people food and laying outside under his shade tree on his favorite bed. He even got to pee in the neighbor's yard, which is kind of a big deal. My husband and I snuggled him all day, so did his little brother Gus. Our vet graciously came to our house to love on our baby once more and send him home. Clyde was our first Boxer, born on our wedding day, he was our first indoor dog, he was our first everything. Run free Mundo Man, you can do boxer Burns and be your crazy bendy self again. I know Baxter and Joey met you at the bridge, give them my love. Momma loves you.


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So sorry for your loss of Clyde, will keep you in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time. Run forever free Clyde and Godspeed


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So sorry for your loss , its a heartbreaking decision to have to make but it was the final Unselfish act of love for Clyde ..
Godspeed sweet boy angelicon look down on your family in their time of need !!


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I am sorry to read this and for your loss. While 12 years is a great life for a boxer, it is still not long enough. I know it is a hard decision to make, but it is done with love. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. RIP Clyde! angelicon


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I am so sorry for you loss! 12 years is great age for a boxer.
Godspeed Clyde!

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I am still in tears over Clyde :( I first met Clyde years ago, randomly at a park in the small City we live in.... I was there walking Joey and from across the field I saw Clyde, his brother Gus and fur mom and dad playing ..... I just had to go talk and meet them. We became friends and discovered we were both on Boxer world and had a few play dates with Clyde, Gus and My boy Joey .... (until my Joey had become to aggressive to behave:() But because of Clyde I met some AWESOME people. I will always remember Sweet Clyde... Run free Sweet Boy! loveicon Hugs and wiggles from Chance and I.