Arthiritis....or something worse...?

Alisa KM

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Hello All,

Our boxer Bucky is 11 years old and has always had arthiritis in both of his hind rear legs. Prior xrays from two different vets at previous stages (developed it at 5, worsened last year at 10) of his life confirmed this and since then he has always been on glucosamine and fish oil.

He also tore his ACL many years ago in his left rear leg and surgery was not recommended at the time by his vet. He was also once hit by a car when he was a puppy and one of his legs was busted open but fixed but I can’t remember which.

Anyway, about a few weeks ago his left leg became even more limp but not totally lame and he was increasingly more stiff in both his legs as he walked or got up in the morning, would sleep/rest a lot more, and not want to walk or run as much.

We went to his usual vet who did his X-ray last year. He did a physical exam, asked us some questions, did blood work and urine test and prescribed some anti inflammatory and pain meds some of which included an NSAID (Carprofen) but at a very low dose. He also prescribed Gabapentin and Tramadol.

It’s only been about a week and a half. Bucky’s been drowsy but is getting more adjusted to the meds and seems to be in a slightly better mood but still not amazing. I would say the meds helped a tiny tiny bit but not much. He’s still limping in the left rear leg and doesn’t want to walk for very long except early in the morning.

Does anyone know how long we should test trial these pain meds before going back? Anyone have personal experience with this? I’m slightly worried it might be something worse like bone cancer and I have no way of knowing since the vet didn’t want to do X-rays right away. Are there definitive difference in symptoms between arthritis and different bone cancers?

Praying this is not the case and the vet said his blood test was spotless but not sure how much that truly reveals.

Thank you for any tips.

joeys mom

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I am sorry I have no advice but will send healthy healing positive vibes out to Bucky lovecicon

on a side note ... Chance has a bad knee and surgery is not an option so I have been doing research on cbd oil and a lot of people are using it with dogs with arthritis and are seeing a BIG difference ... do some searching and see what you think ... I think I am going to start chance on it....