1. He loves the water

    He loves the water

    When he sees a fish he stands very still and paws the water carefully, I think there's a serious optical illusion for him.
  2. Boing!


    Lake Winnebago
  3. Water Chomping

    Water Chomping

    Delilah in the front yard "chomping" on water. Notice the large "mud" hole on the ground beside her. She loves to dig!
  4. Chomping On Water

    Chomping On Water

    Delilah "biting" the water as it sprays from the hose. It sounds like she is gargling and she never wants to stop!
  5. Water Baby

    Water Baby

    This was the first time Duchess got introduced to a lake, we knew she loved water but did not know how she would react to the lake - Well we could not get her back in the boat
  6. Scuba Cody

    Scuba Cody

    Cody loves the water...look at her snorkel!!
  7. puddle jumping

    puddle jumping

    Sophie can't stay out of puddles.
  8. Tyler waterfall

    Tyler waterfall

    Tyler in the good ole days...muscular, fit, and looking very proud. This is how I prefer to remember him.
  9. Jingles


  10. Closer look

    Closer look

  11. Can I go?

    Can I go?

  12. Paca at the lake, sticking out her tongue!

    Paca at the lake, sticking out her tongue!

    This is one of my little boxers I brought back from Colombia. She's a real sweetie! I'll upload her novio Paco later on.


    Hmmmmmmmmm I just luv summertime....
  14. Boat Ride!

    Boat Ride!

    We went for a ride around the lake on the 4th. Duchess had a great time! Here she is with one of my dad's good friends, enjoying the ride.
  15. Learning to swim, or should I say wade.

    Learning to swim, or should I say wade.

  16. I just about have it!!!!

    I just about have it!!!!

  17. Don't ask!!!!

    Don't ask!!!!

    I have no clue how I timed that just right!!!! He wasn't doing what you're thinking though! :-)
  18. Hurry Up!!!

    Hurry Up!!!

    Apollo waiting for Dad to turn the hose on so he can play!!
  19. I hate the water!!!

    I hate the water!!!

    This is a photo of Tayo's first time swimming. He still hates the water.