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    Kennel Cough Vaccine...which is better?

    I just have to have one or the other done so they will be allowed in the kennel. Other than the KC vacc I give when they get boarded once every couple years they don't get vaccinated. I just got to wondering what the difference in the two are, other than how the dog recieves them.
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    Kennel Cough Vaccine...which is better?

    Just a quick question... my dogs will be getting their kennel cough vaccine in a couple of weeks, as they will need to be boarded for a weekend in October. To get to the question, what type of kennel cough vaccine is better/safer... the injection into the skin or having it done up their noses...
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    Looking for new food need some help please

    That's what I do with my dogs. I also add a little Solid Gold or Wellness to the mix at times.
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    The other week I noticed my Bichon Frises eyes were a bit foggy looking, so today she was taken to the vet and he told me she has cataracts in both of her eyes. She cannot see very much now. He gave me the name of a canine eye doctor in the area, whom I will call tomorrow. He said the surgery...
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    Hello from Alabama

    hi and welcome!! :)
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    A Little weight loss normal for older dogs??

    My boxer boy Sammy will be 10 years old this summer, I recently noticed his harness fits a little looser than it use to. He seems to have had a slight weight loss. He acts completely normal (eating, drinking, playing the same). I was just wondering if a little weight coming off is anything to...
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    Am I wrong on not wanting to vaccinate for distemper?

    I can't believe they said it was up to the vet and not you!!! I would have been really upset if they tried telling me that. I certainly wouldn't take any of my pets back to that guy. My dogs only get the Rabies vacc, and that's only because it's required by state law.
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    Greetings from Alabama !

    Hi and welcome to BW. :) I am also from Bama, just north of B'ham. What part are you from?
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    Neopolitan mastiffs?

    Very cute but also VERY BIG doggies. These dogs along with a few other breeds like English Mastiffs and Saint Bernards are normally steady droolers, keep some slobber towels handy. ;) I wish them well with their pup, hopefully he'll be a wonderful healthy dog.
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    Hippo Dog???

    Sounds like it might be a Neopoleon Mastiff or mixed with Neo Mastiff. The dogs that mauled the woman in Cali were 2 half Presa Canarios and half unknowns.
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    VERY fast and Easy Peanut butter and Honey Doggy Cookies

    How did they turn out? I've gotta make some more of these myself. ;)
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    Vet thinks puppy should be put down!! Help!!!

    The first thing that got me is the pups age.... he is only a BABY! Please give him time. For another thing, I own a 9 year old Boxer, a 6 year old mutt, and a 2 year old Bichon Frise... ALL of them HATE vets! The Boxer will get nervous and sometimes try to bite, my mutt must ALWAYS wear a muzzle...
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    Happy Birthday Cubby

    Happy birthday, hope you have a good one! :)
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    Happy Birthday SammynDqtz!!

    I haven't been on in a couple days so had no idea poor little Holly was hurt. :( I just read your thread, and I am glad surgery went OK, hopefully she will be back to full speed soon.
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    A New Family Member

    Congrats on your new kitty!! How lucky she was to find you. :) Let us know what you come up with for her name.