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    Searching for breeders near Pittsburgh, PA

    Pittsburgh is a hard area to find good boxer breeders! I had better luck looking in Ohio when we were looking for a pup, but we ended up adopting in the end from a local rescue instead. Good luck!
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    Scared of strange men!

    Hi there! I'm trying to acclimate our rescue (who will be 2 years old this year) to new men, specifically, since he is very reactive towards men at first. The bigger and hairier the man is the worse it gets (who can blame him, right?! haha!) People are always asking to pet him, but I...
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    Green Free Merrick recipes

    We fed the Merrick grain free for about 3-4 months...our pups had horrible gas on it (both of them), but they did love it. We'd previously fed TOTW and had some similar issues (gas and diarrhea). We switched to Costco's brand of grain free and absolutely love it. Dogs love it, and no smelly gas...
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    Harness for boxer?

    We use a Freedom No Pull Harness and absolutely LOVE them. We like them much better than the easy walk harness.
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    Long work days and training?

    I'd send her to daycare as often as you can afford. On the days she can't go to daycare, I'd hire a dog sitter/walker to come over for at least 30 minutes every 4-6 hours (4 hours at first, once she is a little older you ca go to 6 hours). Plan lots of exercise and training for before work and...
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    Teaching two boxers to LEAVE the cats ALONE!

    Hi there everyone! Happy holidays!! We've had our newly adopted guy in our house for about 6 months now, and although the cat-chasing antics have diminished slightly - he still will chase if the cats run. He isn't 100% mesmerized by them as he was before (literally I'd have to drag him away...
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    Advice on Dutch's bus stop antics :)

    Just as a short reply - I'd try taking a water bottle with ya and giving her a squirt when she gets out of hand!
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    Need help with possible aggression from a rescue we are "trialing."

    I agree with some PP's - it sounds like she'd do better as an only dog (or at least a household better able to manage her around multiple dogs - with kids at your house, it gets even more complicated as you already know). I'd say go back to a single dog household for a few months, then try...
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    Looking for a new food! Grain free, and made in the USA!

    Thanks for the replies! I went with earthborn right now - we'll give it a try and see, although one of my guys doesn't seem like she's a fan already! It was the best priced of the few on my list...if not this, perhaps I'll splurge on Acana. Thanks again!
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    Looking for a new food! Grain free, and made in the USA!

    We currently feed Merrick Before Grain varieties to our two boxers (they will be 4 and 2 years old in a few months). Our female seems to tolerate the food pretty good, and they both love it in terms of enjoying meal times - however, our younger guy gets pretty bad gas from it. I'd love to find a...
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    ahhhhhh lol

    Exercise, exercise, and more exercise!!! Combine a tired dog with a trained dog, and you'll be set. Continue with your obedience training (it's ongoing for years!), and exercise the heck out of your dog. Off leash games of fetch, multiple walks a day, bust out a laser pointer inside if your dog...
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    please help!

    We made a top entry liter box - problem solved. We bought an extra large rubber maid - cut a hole in the top. We took a smaller rubber maid, cut a hole in the top (opposite side as the other hole). The dogs can stick their head in, but they aren't in the "liter" area. Be creative!
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    Breeder insisting that we take him at 6 wks?

    I would find a new breeder. Any good, reputable breeder will want you to take the puppy at not only the best time for the pup, but the best time for you as a family. The best time being - when the puppy is over 8 weeks old, and when you (as a family) are completely ready to bring him home. I...
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    6 month heart worm shot?? good or bad??

    There are risks to everything. The pill, the shot, topical applications of name it. Vets, in my opinion, do a pretty poor job in explaining the benefits vs risks of some things. I feel as though they just push meds and treatments, and a lot of times it is up to the consumer to...
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    Was 'mouthy' at vet! How do you work on that?

    I agree it's kinda weird they're so concerned. I wouldn't say it warrants a behaviorist at this point at all. How odd, really. I wouldn't necessarily blame my dog for even being a little more than mouthy - he's at a strange place, with strangers that took him away from you, and subsequently...