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    ARVC - 1 diagnosed, 1 likely about to be diagnosed (long but please read)

    Well both diagnosed and one already had a recheck holter and his arrhythmia got worse according to the holter he also has auto immune thyroid disease and needs meds for that
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    Anyone own a holter?

    I'm looking to purchase one. Anyone selling a digital one? Anyone prefer one over the other? Thanks!
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    ARVC - 1 diagnosed, 1 likely about to be diagnosed (long but please read)

    @Gatorblu it was probably Mexilitene - that's one they commonly combine with the sotalol. I took Kato to work with me a few days after his initial visit to A & M and his ECG looked better. Only 1 VPC the whole time he was hooked up, which wasn't long but considering before that it was every...
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    ARVC - 1 diagnosed, 1 likely about to be diagnosed (long but please read)

    So Thursday sucked. I got up, got ready for work, my husband is in the military so he goes out before 6 then comes home around 7, until he goes back to work at 8:45am. My boys (Kato 9, Loki 10.5) always get super excited when he comes home, they jump around the kitchen and lick him and paw him...
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    ARVC DNA Test

    Hello, Way back when, at least 4 or 5 years ago, I had the dna test done for ARVC. It is now located at the NC Vet School but it used to be elsewhere. I need a copy of my results and am wondering if anyone remembers where the test used to be done out of or maybe if I'm crazy and how I could...
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    MCT: Best sources of information

    I'd love to share resources and information - my 7 yr old baby had 2 grade 1 MCT removed in 2013 with great margins. Now he has one on his toe of his same leg where the others were removed. He will probably be facing a toe amputation and probably a part of his ear too as he has a small MCT in...
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    Turmeric Paste / Cannabis Oil for MCT

    So my youngest baby was diagnosed with MCT this past week and we are waiting on an appointment with Texas a & m - if it takes too long well we will seek another oncologist but I've been told they are great. It's a long drive but if it's worth it I'll do it. I'm looking into alternative /...
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    Skinny Boxer :(

    Well I'm pretty sure it's my fault and I've been starving him! The food is dehydrated raw - and initially I would make one portion per meal at a time - then I thought I would be productive and make 3 days food at once in a large tub. Well the food is designed to be given in DRY measured cups -...
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    Skinny Boxer :(

    Thanks Whiskers - I will def try that. I tried adding simple stuff like pasta, but I think he is somewhat gluten intolerant as his stool became slimy n smelly. everything else about him is great like his coat etc. Maybe I'll add some rice too and try the yogurt and coconut oil. My other boy...
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    Skinny Boxer :(

    Looking for advice to see if anyone knows of something I can feed my boy to put weight on him faster. He's going to the vets next week and probably going to be referred to an internal medicine specialist but in the interim he needs some groceries. his diet currently consists of: The honest...
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    Lupus - anyone any experience with it in their boxer?

    i wish it were thyroid - would be an easier fix! :) he just had labwork with a normal thyroid about a month ago and this issue has been going on longer than that. Normal lab work 6 months ago too. i run a chem, cbc and thyroid every 6 mo on him. i could repeat his expanded thyroid panel, the one...
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    Lupus - anyone any experience with it in their boxer?

    My boy, he's brindle and almost 7 years old, he has the dry crusty nose and the almost ulcerated looking skin on the front of the nose, his Dr thinks it's Lupus. We're going to start doing extra fish oil, aswell as nupro, i'm thinking about adding in vit E also, and maybe C. his Dr said we could...
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    For those of you who feed Sojos...

    you could try honest kitchen, its great food and also higher in fat i believe. I was going to go with sojos but decided on honest kitchen since the length of experience is there aswell as a good solid history of producing a product. :)
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    Hello from VA

    Welcome, from a fellow Northern VA poster :o)
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    buying a puppy with one testicle

    he must be neutered as this can be a condition that can be passed on to offspring and his neuter surgery - he will have 2 incisions dependong on where the lost testicle is. but yes thats about it