What are your boxers afraid of?

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I can't think of anything Bowser's afraid of. I don't think he even went through a fear imprint stage, he's just a very happy guy. The only thing he didn't like was when we were in puppy class and he had to go up the triangle looking ladder dogs use for agility trials, he didn't want to get on it but only because the first time he almost fell off.

We ARE going to a place where fireworks are allowed within city limits on the 4th so I hope he doesn't freak out too badly. :( Anyone have any suggestions for this?

And he did bark at the vacuum cleaner once but not since we did this, which we learned at puppy kindergarten:

First with the vacuum off, put treats on it and encourage your dog to get them. Then do the same but moving the vacuum back and forth, try to get him to get a treat while it's moving. Then turn it on, but not moving. Then move it. Good luck. :)


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Cami is afraid of the dark.. It is the funniest thing she can be outside all day long and nothing and then as soon as it is dark she starts barking like mom let me in its scary out here.. Very funny....

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Whew, it was such a relief reading this thread!! Whisky is scared of just about everything, and I was convinced that her first 2 months before we got her were tumultuous (we got her at a pet store, before I knew any better, and after reading up on it later on, I figured her skittishness was probably because she was from a puppy mill or something similar). She is basically scared of anything new. Anything that we've ever brought into our home she will be wary of for a few days. Any sudden noise will freak her out. Luckily most things she does come to accept and be ok with after awhile. But we moved out of our apt. and into a house about a month and a half ago, and there is a LOT of renovation going on, so tons of new stimuli for her, and she's not too happy about it. She stays in the bedroom (the first room we renovated and made "like home") most of the time, even if my boyfriend and I are both in another room. The oddest thing is the doggie door. She's been through the doggie door at my dad's house plenty of times, following his 3 dogs in and out. But it took her the better part of 2 weeks to go out of the pet door at the new house by herself. And even now, she'll have 3 or 4 "false starts", where she'll put the top of her head against the flap, stand back up, and repeat in quick succession, before she'll actually make it outside. And she goes through it like something bit her on the butt and she takes off to get away from it! It is pretty funny, but we wonder if she takes herself out during the day while we're at work, considering how much coaxing it takes sometimes to get her to use it while we're there.
She barked at the vacuum when she was a puppy. I did do that thing with the treats, putting them on the vacuum when it was off and having her take it, then when it was on, etc. I think it was time more than anything that got her used to it though. She's not crazy about storms, but they have to be pretty hardcore to scare her now. She's been known to hide under the desk in the office! It's pretty cute. She's started staring up at the ceiling fan in the bedroom lately, as though she's afraid it's going to fall down on her. She didn't use to do that in the apt. Oh well, at least she is comfortable hanging out in the backyard and exploring, and she has a place to run now! Aside from the skittishness, she is great though, loves people and does well with the majority of dogs (some dogs just don't click, like people I guess.. ).


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The only thing that freaks Miley out is my brother-in-laws mounted deer head! When she's in his house, she watches the deer head with caution and if we stand too close to it she barks and goes nuts! There have been a couple times when we see deer while driving and her fur stands up and she growls. Otherwise, the girl is fearless!


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Benny is Terrified by Christmas bells, the curling iron "snap" noise, Drums, and any sort or kids toys that talk. lol I guess he is scared of things that make noise in general.. He also HATES it if you stare at him and don't say anything.

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My three don't like loud noises or anything appearing when it's not usually there. this vcan even be as silly as a rubbish bag sitting next to the bin on our walks or a bike laying on the grass.


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My boys are quite brave. Chief just entered his second fear imprint stage, so he's a little more skittish at the moment. Storms don't seem to bother them. They bark when they hear thunder. Neither of them fear the vacuum ... Sarge tries to attack it! I run my dogs off leash in a farm field and a few months ago, a plastic bag had gotten caught on a bush along the pathway we take. Both of my guys stopped dead in their tracks when they noticed this mysterious bag. They both started growling, the fur went up on their backs, and they both let out a low "wooo wooo" as if to say, "You stay away, bag! Your kind isn't welcome around here." They wouldn't move for the longest time! It was pretty funny. My life sure would be boring without them!


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Maya is afraid of the broom, vacuum, and shovel. She will bark at and attack them when I am using them. She will even bark from her crate in her "bedroom" if she hears me sweeping in the kitchen. Silly dog since she was never "chased" by them, they can be leaning against the wall and she will bite them and bark at them.


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Ok here are the fears that make no sense to me
Balloons (oh my god) he acts like they are gonna kill him I was really glad to read that he is not the only dog with balloofobia
Lawn Ornaments how does he even notice them
Anything new in the garage
Things I wish he would be afraid of
Strangers He assumes that everyone is a friend he has not met
Weed eater He will sneak around and try to bite the head and yes it has wacked him twice (slow learner so I make sure he is in the house when I weed eat now)
Lawn mower he will just follow me around when I mow like it is no big deal
Thunderstorms – I don’t want him to be afraid of them but is shocks me that he isn’t. We had a bad one one night and he was sleeping on the floor next to the bed and I dang near jumped out of my skin. I looked down to see if he was freaking out but no he just lifted his head looked at me then went right back to sleep.


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I don't know if anyone's still reading this thread but I have just been laughing my tail off reading some of this stuff and thought I'd add some of Willie's silly little fears. The big one is cicadas...he HATES cicadas. There is one particular tree near our house that has a lot of them in there and he will stop before we get under the branches and sit in front of me..."No, Mom, don't do it! Don't you dare walk under that big bad cicada tree!" It is too funny. Also when we first brought him home he had some sort of door/threshold issue. We had to carry him through the gate when we got him from his old house, and for the first week or so he had a really hard time coming into or out of the house, and even walking into different rooms. He would just kind of freeze up. Thank goodness that's over! He's not much bothered by thunderstorms or rain or anything else though, I guess I'm pretty lucky.
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