Update..Please post weight and age of your dog

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Eli is 3 and weighs 49 lbs. He was 43 lbs. on April 10th and has put on some much needed weight. He is smaller than the boxers I am accustomed to, but at least now his ribs and hip bones aren't sticking out.


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Just had a vet appointment!
Keida is 3 years old and weighs 55lbs
Kash is 4.5 months and is currently at 44lbs. I think I am going to have a big boy on my hands. He has doubled in weight monthly since we got him at 8wks (12lbs) 12 wks (24) and now at 44. :)


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Zoe is two weeks shy of a year, and weighs 65.2 pounds! Everyone always tells me she's gonna be huge- good thing her nickname is monster!


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Emma was 3 years old this past April and only just passed the 50 lb mark recently - 51.4 lbs

Henry is 18 weeks old this week and is 29.6 lbs - his paws are already bigger than Emma's :)


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scooby is just over 9 months and is around 63 pound and the weight is stuck at this point from last 45 days,looking at the post i guess this is good weight for him
i wanted to know that will he grow more (height wise and weight) consider he is 9 month old?
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