Two boxers in an 800 sq ft. condo with a tiny backyard???

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My husband and I are really struggling with this decision. Zoey is 10 months old and would just die for a playmate/companion. We have found a 4 month old male through a rescue that is just as cute as he can be. But, we live in a very small condo with a tiny backyard. After reading all the posts about how two boxers like to wrestle and rough-house all the time I've started wondering just how they would go about that in this condo! There's only just enough room to walk through the living room, much less wrestle! Also, Zoey goes to my mom's during the day while we're at work/school. If we get another dog she has said we cannot bring them over there. So, they would both have to stay at home alone all day. Zoey has never been crated, she was so good we never had to, but the new pup would have to be since we wouldn't be able to trust him yet. I'm just sick with having to make this decision. We want him so bad, but just aren't sure about the circumstances. I need someone to tell me what to do!! :o)


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I have about 1500sq feet in my house. I do have a bit under an acre of land. BUT, my pups are confined to the kitchen and den. So they aren't getting full use of the 1500sq ft. And they are on a run so they aren't getting full use of the land either.

It gets a bit crazy when everyone decides the den is the place to be (ALL the other rooms have tv/dvd/vcr's) so 2 adults, one 13 yr old dtr, one 4 yr old dtr and TWO pups (ages 20 and 18 wks) romping, jumping fighting, is a bit cramped but you learn to get around.

As long as your dogs are getting exercise (walking the neighborhood, parks, running in the matter how small) they should do fine. And its not a 24/7 thing with the it wouldn't be a constant chaois.

Only you can make that decision. But i think if you are having doubts maybe its best to wait until you are in circumstances where you feel better equiped (larger house/yard) to have two at once.
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My only concern would be what floor are you on in the condo? I lived in an apartment for a couple of years with an older boxer and she was an angel. However, the creep that lived above me with a small yet hyperactive dog I swear weighed 800 pounds couldn't seem to control the dog. I lived on the ground floor- by my request- just knowing that Parker loved running from the bedroom to the door.

As far as space, you can take them for walks and runs and wear them out around the neighborhood. The actual size of the living space isn't that bad. It's the exercise the dog gets and not how much space in the house they have to do their boxer burns.


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While I can't tell you what to do, I can tell you that you can make it work if you really want to. ;)
I have a 80 lb, 8 year old and a 40 lb, 7 month old in a 700 sq ft. backyard. Can we say tight fit??? And when they decide it's playtime...everybody watch your toes!!! :rolleyes:
They actually do quite well. I wear them out in the morning at the park, come home during lunch for a 30 min walk and then more playtime at the park at night. It's a definitely a commitment...I can't miss one outside session - If I get lazy I pay for it in bored-boxer-mischief!
Have you thought about getting a pet sitter to come in and walk/play during the day since your mom won't keep the both of them?

I guess I just want to reassure you that it can work if you stick with it. If you don't think that you have the time to commit, then I would say just stick with Zoey and set up lots of playdates...:)
Good luck!


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I know all about 'bored boxer mischief...I've come home several times to see that Boomer has gotten into something he shouldn't have. A majority of those instances are due to the fact that I didn't plan enough in advance to tire him out on a long walk.

He does better now that he plays with Coco and Dani on a weekly basis, once or twice a week.


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I used to live in a 725 sq ft apt with no yard. I had a German Shorthaired Pointer and Hagrid. They had to go on long walks. Even when I no longer had the pointer and Tonks joined the fam. we would still take long walks in the evening. I will warn you it's no fun without a yard, but it is possible. Go on walks and if there's a dog park around- use it :) Good luck.

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I agree. It's not the size of the living space that's the problem, it's the amount of exercise the dogs get. If they're tired from lots of controlled activity, they won't be as likely to turn your house into a wrestling ring ;)


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I agree with the others in this post, that with adequate exercise and attention two dogs in a smaller place would be fine.

... and adequate exercise and attention should include atleast two walks a day when possible. We have been a mulit-dog family for many years, (currently have 3 beautiful dogs at home ), and simply leaving the dogs in a large yard to run around and entertain themselves isn't good enough. They need the changes of scenery, smells, dogs and people that daily walks bring them to keep them happy and healthy.

... well that's our 2 cents worth.


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We also have 2 boxers-granted they are 3 months old each-in our apartment. They are great! We take them out to run and go on walks daily and they are both very happy. They haven't done much damage besides shred a few puppy pads.


It CAN work but it doesn't sound like you are quite up for it.....nobody can tell you if the decision is right for you . It's something you need to think over and decide if you want the extra work and changes in your life right now. Don't let your emotions make the decision for you.
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