Tricks to keeping your boxer cool in a heat wave?

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Keeping cool

When juke gets warm we put wet towels over him and pour cold water on him,and give him plent of water to dink we did have a kiddys pool but he thought it was a toy and put his teeth through it.


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We have plastic kid pools. My 2 don't really go for that, but my sisters labs do. Gus likes to play with the hose when I spray it, he likes to bite at the water. I am very lucky to have AC.. .don't know what I would do without it. When they are outside, I hose them off to cool them down, or make them come in. They like to lay in front of the fan when they come in.

I like the suggestions that you have gotten.... the water and ice and blow the fan across it to cool things off, or the room AC unit. You could have a "cool room".

When it gets super hot in the summer, I just shorten their outside time. They usually don't like it when it's hot anyway.


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I think the pool is a great idea. Didn't know Pets at Home sold them though! I've had a quick look on the website and can't find them.

Any idea what they are actually called?

I just buy a £5 baby paddling pool out of Poundstretcher or Woolies. (Rogue tends to eat hers - hence the £5). :D

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I hear ya on his!
I live in Arizona and it was 114 degrees yesterday !!!
I use cool wet towels, the cooling neck ring and they have these AWESOME black out curtains that help keep out 99% of heat and sunrays from outside !!!!!!
They work so great and there at Wal-Mart for like $40-$50 !!
I use it cuz out here to cool down a house in the summer when its about 115 - 120 outside, it helps keep our electricity bill a little bit lower when blocking out the heat ;)
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