So frustrated with dogs running loose

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Bad Doggy Owners

There is the cutest little elderly beagle who walks the side of the highway every single day here. It makes me so mad, and the bad part is he does it daily!! He crosses a busy 2lane hwy, walks about a mile frrom his house on the teeny tiny shoulder of the hwy up to town where he gets fed food and then at night he goes back home in 5pm traffic!! I know where he lives at so of course I always slow down b/c I know he's going to be out roaming somewhere around. I want to go up to his owner's door and chew them out. Obviously he has to be smart to do this every day and not get hit, but geez how hard is it to put him in the house or in the fenced in back yard while they are all gone to work during the day?? UGH, some people just befuzzle me.

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I completely agree that it is frustrating when people don't have control over their dogs. I walk Hobart with my parents' boxer all the time and this weekend I don't think I've ever seen so many dogs off leash! This was in a high-traffic area too. I just don't know what people are thinking sometimes. Even if I felt that I had voice control over my dog I wouldn't risk his safety, you just never know what could happen...


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It is illegal here to let your dog loose... We can call the police or animal control and they will take care of the problem. I don't see much of loose dogs around, but I have come across few.
There was a chow that didn't want to get off of me or Max (humping my poor boy!) and he was too big for me to handle him (and Max at the same time). I tried screaming at it, tried to pull it away from Max and walk away... I even tried scaring him with a stick... Nothing worked! The chow kept on coming back!!! I was so pissed (scuse my language) and frustrated that I called Animal Control....
Off course it took them over an hour to show up (and I had to stay in fron of my apartment building because when I went in the dog followed me!) and then they didn't even catch the damn dog... He ran off in the direction of the park (which I assume he lives' somewhere near).
I was furious all day.... Not only because he wouldn't leave us alone, and kept on bugging my poor baby... But because to get to us he had to cross a major intersection! How irresponsible can you get? Let your dog loose when there's a busy street near your house.


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I turn into a raving lunatic when I run into dogs off leashes. Lucy does NOT like other dogs running up and jumping at me, she will bite them. I took her for a walk the other day and some dog came at as barking and growling, I had to scream at it to get it to stop chasing me and pick Lucy up so it couldn't bite her. A few minutes later the owner came out and said OHhh my sweet dog wont hurt you, yeah right, and MY DOG will hurt yours! Threw out a few choice words about "there's a reason we have a leash law around here". I get pretty rude but I make no apologies, my babies safety is important to me!


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been there

I was walking my moms dog (which is very tiny), and this pit bull came at me. The first thing I did was pick my moms dog up, which I heard you should not do because the dog will then go for you, which of course it did. Luckily my boyfriend heard me & came running. My bf held the pit down by the back of it's neck. He told me that if you do this then they can't swing their heads around (where most of their power comes from). I was terrified! The owner finally came out & put him inside. I knew that this dogs owner did not take care of this dog because it was never exercised etc... The dog was eventually taken off of her thank God!
I now have a neighbor who has a lab or a lab mixed (the dog is VERY over-weight). Every time she lets the dog out, it goes between the bushes & leaves the yard. I can see her house from the computer room window so every time I see this poor dog, I put him back in the yard or else I scream "your dogs out". This happens every day! They only have a fence on one side of their lawn & the other side is full of bushes where the dog comes out of. I do not want to see this dog get hurt especially since there is a busy street in front of the house. I am not sure that they even care, like I said this dog is very heavy & I have never seen it taken for walks. I was thinking of calling the borough, but I was afraid that they would put it to sleep or something. What do I do? :confused: I guess I am lucky because this dog is friendly.


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Valantar said:
We have had a boxer come flying up the street at us, but he was very friendly and wanted to play. The owners were running behind him.

Why am I finding this so funny?

We have had a few small incidents, but every time, the owner has been there. Two different pit bulls have come charging, but both the owners called them back, and surprisingly, they both listened great! I don't think they were after me, but after Harley. I don't think they were mean, one of the owners had a child.

I have had a few smaller incidents where a dog wandering would follow us barking and growling. I just ignored and kept walking, and when we got far enough, the dog would stop, I guess didn't want to stray too far from its yard. I could handle it, though it made me nervous. The dog wasn't attacking.

And last week, one was out, but stayed in its yard. Just calmly watched us walk past, and didn't make a noise. The owners were nowhere to be seen though

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I too get very upset with people just opening up their doors and letting their dogs roam. I will not take Joe for a walk around our neighborhood without my DH. Several times I had to pick up stones to throw at other dog's feet to keep them away from us. Needless to say, it has become too stressful for me to take handsome Joe on walks. Thankfully we have a large yard and he gets plenty of exercise. We also have this problem up at our vacation home in Durango. What makes it worse there is the dogs will actually come up on our deck and look right into our home. This just makes Joe go nuts. We acually have to crate him because we are afraid that he will go right through the glass door. Currently we are looking into putting in thicker glass in the door to help with this problem. We are also trying to teach him to stay of the glass, but it gets hard when he is so excited!

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MSGiro said:
A woman with her "Yorkterriertinylittledog with a Napoleon Complex" decided to bring the dog over to Stella so she could, and I'm not lying here, swell up with pride over her tough little dog that's not afraid of the big dogs.

I'm sorry but I have to laugh at this one...:D It would be nice if this incident actually taught the dog or the owner a thing or two - but I suppose it probably didn't...Oh-well...

It just absolutely amazes me that people with these little yipper dogs (hey, I have one too, ok) think they can just let them behave badly because they're so cute...Of course ours is well behaved (ha ha) ;)


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I was walking my parents beagle, toby, around their neighborhood when two dogs came running up to us. I didn't even see them approach all of a sudden they were there. One was a lab and the other was a smaller dog and they both went for Toby. The bigger one, the lab, bit him near his tail! I was screaming at them to get away, finally I was able to grab Toby and run away. When I got home I called the police. When he arrived I described where I thought they lived. He wasn't able to find them, but he said to call animal control if it happens again. I would not have called the police if they didn't attack us, but they did injure Toby. His tail hurt for a couple weeks, he couldn't hold it up or wag it. :(

When I visit my grandfather in upstate NY there are a lot of dogs loose. It's just the way it is up there. When we walk we carry a big stick with us to use to scare them away (by hitting the ground not hitting the dogs).
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