Princess Arabella collapsed


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Hi everyone. It has been awhile. This morning my princess woke up and half wheezed half, coughed, and left the room. By the time I caught up to her in the living room , she was laying on the floor and there was a puddle. She was coherent, but looked a little scared. I comforted her and then cleaned the mess and she just laid there. I threw on some clothes and let my husband know we were heading to the vet. (Thankfully our vet is open 24 hours.) When I went to grab her leash and collar, she was up excited to go. I was happy to see she was feeling better.
They did an EKG, an x-ray, bloodwork and took a urine sample. It has been determined she has developed a heart arrhythmia. She is 11 and a boxer so it is not a total shock, but not what I wanted to hear. I have been through this before. Those of you who have been here for a long time might remember Thor. We managed his arrhythmia for almost 4 and a half years. He responded very well to medication and I am hoping Arabella does the same. After a week on the meds we will redo the EKG, and follow up with a Holder a month later.
Now if I can just relax so she stays relaxed .

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Oh no! Sending <<<healing vibes>>> to the Princess. I do remember Thor. Maybe he will help Arabella from above. Keep us posted!


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OMG Poor Arabella and poor you! I hope the meds help. I am sending lots of positive healing vibes your way ----------->>>>>>


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Sorry to hear this and that you have to put your previous experience to work again. Those collapsing events are just so upsetting that you end up doing everything within your power to prevent them. I hold my breath every time Copper has a big run (which is often) after my experiences with Mick collapsing. Sending you positive thoughts.


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How is the princess doing??
She is acting like her normal self. She only slows down because I make her. She has an appointment for a week from today to do her next ECG. Her bloodwork came back all clear as well.

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oh no :( Obviously you do not want this but on the positive side, you have experience and you know what to do..... Glad to hear she is doing ok and saying some prayers that she will continue to do well with her meds... I definitely remember Thor .... I always loved his color and SWEET face loveicon


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Princess Daisy is sending her love and drooly doggie kisses. I;m very glad she came out of it in a hurry and we all wish her the best.