Princess Arabella, a update a year later.


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Good morning. A year ago I came on worried about Arabella's heart. Still worried, but all in all her heart has done well on the medication. She hasn't had any collapses. At least not from her heart.

I was out of town because my mother was hospitalized and left my husband in charge of the dogs. I get a phone call from my husband who is very upset. He is asking me why I never warned him about seizures. I assume she collapsed from her heart and tried to calm him down. After a few more phone calls and she is still having issues, but it is not the typical heart collapse.

When I got home after a couple of days, I watch my girl's back end fall out from under her over and over. I immediately take her to the vet. After running several tests, it is determined she most likely has a brain tumor. My world was crushed. We have her on seizure medicine on top of all her heart meds. Thankfully they are working as she hasn't had a seizure since that first weekend 2 1/2 months ago.

I do see an occasional leg tremor and some difference in the way she moves, but for now she is happy and still enjoying her life. She turns 13 in December and right now I am optimistically planning on celebrating it with her.


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Aww, Pam sorry to hear about brain tumor. But glad meds helping for the seizures. I really miss these forums, I come on from time to time. My girl was diagnosed with a liver mass in July, not operable. We are just taking each day as it comes, its hard.....


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I hate bad news! Sending you and your girl a big hug. I will be waiting on the birthday celebration in Dec!


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I am so sorry to hear the bad news. I really hope to hear about the birthday celebration. Hang in there Arabella!

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I am so sorry :( I hope the meds will keep the seizures under control .... My Joey did the same exact back end dropping when his seizures first started ... I took him to the university @ Knoxville Tn to see if he had the suspected brain tumor. 2 neurologists and a cardiologist after 2 hours of testing did not believe he did have a tumor...We did not chose to do the mri to know 100% but they felt pretty confident in their testing... so hopefully Arabella does not and it was heart related. positive thoughts and prayers for you both loveicon

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Oh Pam :( I have not been on here in ages and came here today on a whim. I’m so sad to read this. I feel like the worst part of being off here for so long is reading these kinds of posts but with 2 kids now I just don’t have the time. I can not believe your baby girl is almost 13 now! Where on earth does the time go? Thora is 8 1/2 now and it feel like just yesterday I brought her home. Tuff had a rough time with his brain tumor and had those focal seizures and some strokes before we had the initial MRI. I hope you have some great quality time left with Arabella ❤️