Old-timer back again!


Completely Boxer Crazy
Hello all!
I'm Debbie! I joined Boxerworld in 2001 when I adopted my first two boxers, Legend and Mazzy. It was a very valuable resource for "newbie" boxer owners like myself.
I bailed out around 2006 when my husband and I got divorced and he got to keep the dogs.

Mazzy passed away in 2008 and Legend in 2011.

I moved from Ohio to Texas and back to Ohio in 2015....and adopted Lyric, a beautiful brindle girl, from a local shelter. She was used by a backyard breeder to have litter after litter of puppies. then dumped at a shelter once she developed mammary tumors. She's mine now!

Glad to be back and make new friends!


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Boxer Insane
Welcome Back Debbie! I remember you! Sorry to hear about your boxers passing. Happy to hear you rescued Lyric!


Completely Boxer Crazy
Welcome back! I was gone from this site for quite some time. Scrappy, my boxer mix is still going strong at 13. Glad to see you guys are still here.