Oh ****! Not the Christmas tree. (longish)

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Oh my goodness, I was scared to death to put my tree up but it has been there for 2 weeks and nothing has happen. I decorate the rest of my house with snowman's ones that stand on the floor about 3 feet tall. I put stuffing fiber on all of my stands and have over 100 snowman out. I am scared to death every day when I come home that he has killed a couple of snowman. Not yet, the most he has done is when wants attention he will go over and take a bite of the snow that I have on all the stands. Hopefully all of my snowman survive the winter.


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The day I put the tree up, I also took it down. I had just gotten it up and situated and took Dubby out to go potty (Alyss was sleeping) and as soon as I walked back inside the door (I'd been out about 5 minutes) Alyss is standing there, doing her very biggest kidney bean butt wiggle, with my tree in her mouth. She had drug it about 20 feet across the room to the door. And I said she couldn't fetch!


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we just came back from walmart ... and.....

the christmas tree was down!!!!! :eek:

not to mention the ornaments eaten, and the ornaments had hooks of course!

vet closed.. last option.... ER .... DH is really not happy about it.. we called.. just the visit is $115.. not counting the x-rays... :eek:

not to mention: we have 2 dogs.... foolicon


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Oh i hate you did not get a photo!! I would have loved to have seen one with Abby and the icicles!! Sorry I laughed out loud at this thread....been there done that....My two older ones leave the tree alone, but our puppy had managed to sneak a ball off of the tree and eat it this year...lucky for us it was 'pooped' out the next day!
I am still smiling...Thanks!


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I'm right there with you...

I truly enjoy decorating the Christmas tree every year and this year was no different. As always, I think this year's tree is the better than all tree's before. I was very proud of my work! Anyways, it all started really slow, a Christmas bulb shattered here and little tinsel there everyday when I would come home from work. A little upsetting but tolerable. Then it took a drastic turn. I came home from work and noticed lots and lots of pieces of bulbs scattered throughout the house. As I walked up the stairs and looked to where the Christmas tree was I noticed that it was seriously leaning. I asked the boyfriend what happened and he said that he came home and it was knocked over with only a few things broken. A few seconds later a loud commotion came from the living and then the tell-tell sign of two very guilty boxers running away scared. This time they did the job right and destroyed everything on the tree. Oh well, life with a boxer right?


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Thats is so funny. I finally broke down and put up the tree on sunday. so far Brutus is doing okay with it, its actually the free standing 12" santa and stuffed christmas winnie the pooh, he doesnt care for. I catch him walking by them, sniffing, then swipping them with his paw till they fall over, and he walks away like he didn't do it.

We go through this process about 10x a day. I'de move them, but i do enjoy watching Brutus "bully" them.


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Thank you for making me smile! Not because I'm happy about what happened to you, but happy because my guys are too old for that nonsense anymore! Been there!

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Right he's done it :mad:

He pinched a pressie from under the Christmas tree and chewed it.
It was from a friend at work who is very much into recycling etc. When pieced together it was a pen holder made from 1/2 a pringles tube with different coloured wool wrapped around it covering the tube and inside 3 pens made from recycled car parts.
I actually recovered a pen from Zeb of all dogs while Casper was merrily destroying the holder. Lola of course being my angel was snoozing blissfully unaware.

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