Oh ****! Not the Christmas tree. (longish)

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Sorry, but that sure made me laugh. Atlas never bothers the tree but now we have Sydney so we will just see how things go.


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I do sympathize with you. I have a four month old puppy who has halted my decorating plans. I have a few items out. I have this snowman plush that I always put out, left it in the box before Leila thinks "yummy new toy for me". I am glad you shared this story because every morning it's me chasing her away from the tree. The little girl sits next to it & waits for me to look at her. One glance & bite away she goes. I chase her away & off she goes running around the house. Seems like she does it to get attention. Good to know it's the breed not my "innocent" Leila being a trouble maker!


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Uh yeah, been there, done that, so I do sympathize with you! Not any more though. They all could care less about it! Good luck and Merry Christmas!


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Me and Fin went to my bosses house to plug in his dvd player (literally) and hook up his new WII.... anyway we were there for 2 seconds and FInlay proceeds to B-Line it to the Tree and start to eat a gingerbread candy cane. The thing was at least 6yrs old and had to be petrified and my oh so smart pup just had to have a taste. After reaching down his throat Im happy to report my Boss still has his ornament with some extra Holiday Slobber!!!

But he would definetly be willing to pull the tree down and spread the ornaments around the house. I guess I should count myself lucky this time!


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We had the same thing! APPARENTLY I missed a pigear when I put the tree up and the skirt down. She thought she should alert me to this by mooooving the tree out of the way. It just so happened I was sitting on the couch at the time, with the BF, and the tree FELL ON US! She however was NOT proud of her decorating and headed straight to the hills!


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Abby, you should be reminded that santa is watching! :LOL:
I was worried for our tree, but my animals have left it alone. The cats tried to eat the lower branches at first, but now don't mess with it.
I remember a childhood cat that would climb into the tree, and cause all kinds of trouble!


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I don't even bother with a tree anymore! Izzy doesn't bother it, but I am sure Gus would. They probbly would also play and knock it over. I also have 5 cats. The first year I was in my house (moved in 3 yrs ago), I got this HUGE tree, like over 8 feet tall, and one of the cats climbed up it and broke a huge branch off, that left a big gap in the tree, so I took atheletic tape and held the branch back up! The cats also like to take all the ornaments off. Gus did see the tree at my parents house, and he looked at it like he was confused, like, what is that tree doing in the house. It isn't decorated yet, so I will see what he does with the ornaments. Our cocker spaniel we had growing up chewed the foot off a dog ornment. That was the only thing he really ever chewed. We still have that ornament to this day even though he is still no longer around. Every year when we put it up, we remember him. We had left him home and came home to find 1 ornament on the floor,the dog one, with a chewed off leg, hehehe.


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:LOL: Did you not get a picture? So funny! :LOL:

I shouldn't laugh, mind you, we put the tree up yesterday, and I am expecting Buttons to be sh***ing tinsel today - Little devil ! evilicon


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OMG That is to funny!!! lol I can relate. I have a 3 month old puppy, a 22month old son and a 7 year old perisan cat. Let's just say that our house has become the race track and the tree is the finish line. Many times I see Noble (pup) chasing our cat (Princess) around the house with Ry chasing closing behind. Princess goes under the tree, Noble is right behind her trying to grab her furry tail. My son just likes to chase them and scream at them..It's so funny to watch.

I have had the tree down at least 4 or 5 times already...
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