naming my white baby boy

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We spent forever on the internet looking up professional Boxers. We figured our Boxers should have real "Boxer" names. That's how we came up with Buster; Buster Douglas. Riddick; Riddick Bowe. I also like Oscar DelaHoya, Muhammed Ali also known as Cassius Clay, Evander Holyfield, George Foreman, Lennox Lewis. If it is a female Boxer the only one I know is Laila Ali. Hope this helps! Let us know what you decide on!!
Oh ya; Riddick was a rescue and the people who helped us rescue him called him Avalanche. He did real well learning the name Riddick though. Feel free to use any of the above!
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I like giving people names to dogs. I'm always joking that I'm going to name my next dog Steve or Kevin.

In rescue we see the same names over and over and over. I actually recommend not naming Boxers after actual Boxers because trust me, everyone has already thought of it. LOL We've have had a lot of Rockys (or the feminine version, Roxie), Tyson, Cassius, George, Foreman, Ali, you name it, we've had them all in rescue - multiple times! Oh, and quite a few Oscars also. We did get in a Boxer named Punch and I thought that was kind of cute. His new owners kept the name, too.

Harley seems to be another really common name. At one point we had three Harleys in our rescue at one time and our rescue is not even that big.

If I had realized that Lucy is such a common name I would have picked a different one for my girl. I named her Lucy Annabel, with the Annabel being from the poem "Annabel Le" by Poe. But we've had quite a few Lucys come into rescue and I even fostered one of them, which made things very confusing around my house for a while!


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So many cute names!!

My mom suggested 'Spook'...ghostly name, huh?!?! I guess Boo could work in that case too!!

Polo is adorable....very very cute!



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i have a yr old white boxer name Casper and of course i got that from the friendly ghost. He's all white with one blue eye. and when i tell people his name they crack up laughing saying that is the right name for him

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my white baby boy

suzi said:
in 3 weeks time will be bringing my baby boy home do any of you have ideas for names
I like the name "buddy" because boxer's are so lovable. We just adopted our second female boxer from the humane society. She was officially "unadoptable" because she was so hyper. Well, she is completely calmed down and has been a true "buddy" to Zoey Girl.
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