My Sweet Girl Saska went to sleep on Monday

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I am so sorry for your loss, no words can take the place or fill the emptiness that you are feeling in you heart! God speed!


Boxer Insane
I miss my sweet heart aches

Well my sweet girl had her 11th birthday at Rainbow Bridge.... hope she had fun running and playing with Missy Ginty. I miss her so much..... she was such a fun time girl...always ready for a walk.... climbing trees , carrying huge branches.... running in muddy puddles... she just loved life ... she also loved her bed.... snoozing in between playtime. How my heart aches for her .... angelicon I used to cup her silver face in my hands and just gaze into her beautiful brown eyes....what a girl... much loved and missed.

Which leads me to introduce Miss Prudence.... aged 5 years old... I have been trying to work out how to put a picture in the gallery... (its an age thing I get so forgetful!!) Just after my sweetness went to Rainbow Bridge.... we had contacted the kennels where we had Saska from (a fireside boxer) no longer required for breeding as she was 7 years old, to let her know about Saska. A few days later Sue the kennel owners rang say she had a 5 year old who had a heart condition...and could no longer be used for breeding.... she said she didnt know if it was too soon after loosing Saska...but she needed a comfy home for Prudence. We didnt know what to do.... our hearts were still aching from loosing Saska.... the house seemed so little nubby tail to greet us...

Well my husband said lets go and see we set off to the kennels... the kennels are very well run.... and they had about 10 boxers in kennels... they opened the door and called Prue......... she ran straight out to us.... rolled on her back for a tummy rub.... it was like putting the clock back.... Missy Ginty all over again.....What could we do.... we made an appointment to have Prudence checked over by our vet....which was also the vet the kennels used..... Our vet said there was no reason why Prue couldnt live a perfectly normal life.... she is on heart medication... she had a problem after giving birth by C section. So we have had Prudence with us for a few weeks.... show name (Faerndorn Bewitched) .... she is five years old... a proper mummys girl... very protective of me.... not a replacement for Saska.... but another beautiful girl in my life... lovicon

Pammyjean and Prudence....

I will try and get a photo on the gallery of her...

Thank you all so much for your beautiful replies about my Sweetness Saska... she was such a beautiful sweet girl.

Boxer Insane
That's wonderful!! I'm so happy for you and for Ms. Prudence. She got a great forever home. I know your baby will be in your heart forever but Ms. Prudence will help you through the rough days ahead and what a gift to give her a good home. Hugs.
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