My new boxer boy to be.


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I love it! I agree with ^^ Whenever you're ready for a second one, Bonnie would be great with your Clyde. Duo names are the best.


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My first boxer boy was a litter-mate of my parent's boy. We decided their names together: Ben & Jerry! They were quite the pair - very sweet boys lovicon


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I have only known one dog named Clyde and I think it is a great name! It has strength and I think a bit of humor. (Maybe because the one person I know named Clyde had a good sense of humor.) Plus I think Bonnie and Clyde is a great name for a pair of boxers!


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Well the pups were born last night. The breeder won't publish any photos till they have been to their first vet visit at 3 or 4 days old. So I don't know how many were born, how many males, or yet how far down I am on the waiting list. It looks like the name is swinging back to Waldo provided that I manage to get one. The last litter with a different female only had 3 pups and only 1 male.


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How exciting! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully there will be a pup with your name on it! :)


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This must be totrure- not knowing if you have a chance for a pup or not ! Keeping my fingers crossed that you have your little Waldo x


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As fans of the Rocky movies

we named ours Apollo .

New the board, so this is my first post aside from the introduction.

How exciting for you!


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Okay I saw the first group picture of the puppies today. An hour ago I talked to the breeder and gave my preference. I turns out that I have one of the highest rankings so I got my pick. Where's Wondering Wandering Waldo is a flashy reverse brindle just like his mom with 4 white feet and a large white half collar and white on the muzzle. He also has a white tip on his tail, at least until tomorrow that is. I'm not going to link to the breeder's pics as that would be against boxer world policy but I'll try to post a pic Labor Day weekend.