My first time volunteering (sad)

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Shirley Jo

Super Boxer
Thank god for folks like you. I had to cry for you too. We went to the animal shelter when we looking for a boxer. No boxers but I almost didn't make it outside before I burst into tears. My husband had to drive because I was so upset. I wanted to gather them all up and take them home. Its a good thing to know there are people in the world like you!!!


Boxer Buddy

Reading what happened .... God bless you! How wonderful ... those boxer babies have you to thank for their life! Great job .... it's tough but you did it! I worked for a vet for 10 years... I know the horrors out there.... you put your love for boxers into action and you changed their lives..... hugs from Florida ....~surely God is smiling down on you......
((forever missing my Petey)) ........~Carol M
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